Wednesday 23 December 2015

Getting in Gear for Christmas

So, being heavily pregnant this is the most disorganised for Christmas I have ever ever been, but I have been, over recent days, trying to drag myself up to speed. Friday for example, I did a last minute lunchtime dash to the shops to get teacher's gifts so that I would have them with me 15:15 Friday evening ready for the end of term.

They got a card each (Teacher and Teacher's Assistant) but I put the two gifts in one gift bag so they could choose their preference. I am quite psychic and I just had this feeling one would LOVE the mug and one would HATE it, so I thought I'd leave it up to them, to work out which way round that was. Last year I knew his teacher's better and would have just known, but they were an open book whereas these two are a lot more reserved and don't give anything away. Aaron's happy enough and thriving academically with some lovely class mates, so that's what counts. His teacher does talk more, ever since parent's evening, so that's a bonus.
These were tokens, rather than gifts as they didn't break the bank. But I was so in love with the little jar considering it has a wire metal handle, is painted with the words Merry Christmas AND has a wooden and gingham heart/ribbon on it. The jar, the mug and the sweets are all from The Original Factory Shop. Always a great place to source a nice bargain. I was surprised to see that some Mums did not mark the end of term with a gift, but I just couldn't bring myself to let the end of term go without recognition. Maybe it is because all through my childhood my Mum taught music (piano accordion) and always got a great assortment of presents. People were SO generous back then that as the Teacher's child I even got pressies too. Boy was I spoilt back then.

Friday night saw us at Football, which was ALSO the end of term, so Aaron got a trophy. Hooooraaah! Daddy was at work, so I was delighted that one of my fellow Soccer Mums :-) gave us a lift home, via a tour of the local residents' Christmas house lights. There are some FABULOUS ones, in streets I wouldn't have known about! One even has a video in the upstairs windows, pointing out to the street. It's of Santa and there'll even be a special Christmas Eve version which comes with a map!
Saturday, I ought to have enjoyed my first post-school breakout, end of term lie-in and stayed in bed, but no, we'd booked to go see Santa, so set the alarm for only 30 minutes later than normal (no wonder I spent Monday in PJs). It was only in our local cafe, so was only £3, but with hindsight a bit of a con, as the gift was worth a £1 and the promised Christmas crafts were nowhere to be seen AND I ended up spending £9 in there. It would have been more cost effective to go to Winter Wonderland's Santa, but you live and learn and it was so lovely and so convenient to have it on our doorstep. Plus I love to support local businesses especially start-ups.
The cafe has lots of toys and games so we did enjoy our visit :-)

Then Sunday it was off to do some real shopping, not that we achieved much, but it at least made me feel like we'd begun. A feeling I have longed for all month. So yes, a lot of the shopping will be done 23rd December - yikes! Christmas shopping on Sunday was magical, as the minute we left the carpark we encountered a 20 minute bubbles display which Aaron just adored. We then briefly looked around a German market and headed for the shops:
We spent a lot of time in Argos and Aaron was totally oblivious as he spent the whole time on a display computer game, as pictured above.

Monday my body remembered I am heavily pregnant and I spent the day in PJs as did Aaron, but today we were back on the road and got some things done.

23rd and 24th are going to be full on though, so wish me luck. Seems I always do Christmas last minute (I always have done) but I thought being pregnant might have changed that - ooooops no!

Oh, I can't go without saying what an amazing parcel turned up Friday from The Gro Company. My new baby girl is slowly but surely getting sorted. This delivery means she can sleep safe and sound and WARM come January, even though I predict it will be cold. After all the 12 degrees we have had, a cold snap is surely going to soon come!
The shell also means my Gro Egg from 2010 will get a new lease of life and they even sent a charger, (the AC plug and cable) as no matter how hard I look I cannot find ours. A bit like the cot screws which thankfully we DID eventually find. Thank God as the company no longer provides them as a spare part. Thank you Gro, can't wait to see my gorgeous girl in these products. BUT equally she can stay where she is for now, LOL, as we are not ready for her arrival yet. Even though on some levels I can't wait to have my body back. I am HUGE!!!! If you saw me you'd think I was having twins. Which reminds me. MUST get the hubby to take a week 35 bump update photo tomorrow.

And so to bed. Night night

Liska xxxxxx

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  1. Ahhh - you did get a bump early on so I am not surprised it is a big one now! Glad you are managing to find at least a day for down time, it is such a tough time of year to get down time!


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