Tuesday 22 December 2015

Our Christmas Tradition and Portable North Pole

We're starting to build up some Christmas traditions and PNP, also known as Portable North Pole is becoming a firm favourite.

Now everyone will tell you that the free PNP video is GREAT and if PNP is new to both you and your child, then it is, it truly is. But 2 years ago, I got the chance to review the paid option and now that's set the standard.
I participated in the PNP Twitter party a couple of weeks ago and on there everyone was raving about the PNP Gold Pass which is only £9.99. It gets you unlimited Premium videos and unlimited calls (from Santa himself). I'm assured by other bloggers that the phonecalls are great as a nudge and reminder for good behaviour from the man in red. We will try them in the next couple of days.

I finally personalised a premium video last night and was not disappointed. I decided to start with the Movie Star one. So far we have watched the free movie and now this paid for option, which Aaron just adored. SO much more personal. It's similar to the one we reviewed 2 years ago, but as he is only 5 now, he did not remember.

These are the things you get to personalise, which is way more extensive than on the free option:

A photograph of your choice of your child
The child's daily life: I chose school
Effort asked of your child this year: I chose listen to Mummy
So tell Santa the child has been: I chose "nice"
Gift category: I chose toy
Upload a picture of the gift: I chose his tablet
The child lives: UK
Add a picture of the child at home: added a photograph of him dressing the Christmas tree.
Add an album picture: I chose a pic of our recent trip to see The Snowman at the theatre.
Letter to Santa: lucky I DO have a photo of this :-) But there are lots of other things to choose from in this drop down box.

You get to choose FOUR names to appear on the spines of books next to your child's in Santa's library. Seeing these really touched Aaron.

Your relationship with the child: Mother

You even get to download a HD quality video which is lovely to have in the family archives for the future. When I asked Aaron what his favourite bit was, he had to think for a while as the video is FIVE MINUTES long, but hands down, his favourite part was seeing a book with his name on, in the library, alongside people he knew.
Portable North Pole is now in its EIGHTH year and has millions of fans round the world; available in English, French and Spanish.

I've now looked to see what other videos we can do. There are 6 in total, THREE of which are new. So we really ought to try the new ones. Will get personalising those tonight. There is EVEN a Christmas Eve one which is 2 minutes long. The other 5 videos are all a massive FIVE MINUTES long. The Christmas Eve one sounds marvellous:
There's so much excitement in the village as Santa, the elves and the reindeer attend to all the important, last minute details before the Grand Gift Delivery!
Visit an Elf House sounds lovely too. Edit: I have personalised it tonight ready to show Aaron tomorrow. He is going to LOVE it as he keeps asking whether Santa or an Elf keeps an eye on his behaviour in the run up to Xmas day and THIS video answers that question perfectly. Oh my God I cannot wait to show it to him!!!!

Have you ever wondered how Santa can deliver so many presents in one night? Or what he does after Christmas?

Here’s your chance to find out! 

Dec 23rd at 2:00 PM EST / 7PM UK, join @PNPSanta for a once in a lifetime opportunity to #AskSantaAnything on Twitter! 

Get in the Christmas spirit by tweeting directly with Santa - bring the little ones for a truly magical experience. Who knows, you may even win some prizes!

Disclosure: my Gold Pass was free in exchange for an honest review, but we are TRUE PNP fans!

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