Thursday 10 December 2015

What Do Tidy People Do?

I've been messy my entire life and it's only in this past year, where I have made a huge effort to change, that I have given a lot of thought as to what tidy people do.

Just like slim people, tidy people nip things in the bud. They don't let the weight, or mess, pile on. I have made a life long study of my Mum and she falls into both categories: slim and tidy.

My Mum is a classic "Pitta person" and they say of Pittas that they are "very precise, goal seeking, orderly and tidy". So no wonder when people are conducting job interviews they can be prone to being influenced by body shape and size when they are consciously or subconsciously so interlinked with behaviours and characteristics that may be welcome to the employer, or just similar. People love to recruit someone just like themselves.

I only wish I was more like my Mum, but alas it takes two to make a baby and I put on weight and accumulate mess with ease. In fact I am very good at both. 

My dining table is constantly covered in piles. Some of it is review paraphernalia, some of it is school newsletters, magazines......... in fact all sorts!

Yesterday Aaron had friends over after school and I wanted everyone to be able to dine there. How novel.... a dining table you actually eat on. Someone should invent one of those ;-)

So I cleared it (for the first time in about a year *coughs*) and it was lovely:

As you can see above, I decided after clearing away dinner, washing-up and tidying up, that I would now, forever more, keep the leaf of the table DOWN, so that it cannot build up again. A clear open space, a flat welcome surface, is too too tempting to a messy person. I can't trust myself. 

Aaron tried to open it up and I said "no it is staying like that". Bless him he asked why, and I said "because otherwise I will mess it up". He asked lots of questions as to why I would do that and then was so gentlemanly at his young age of 5 years of age and diplomatically and simply stated "it's because you don't have enough places to put things". He had to find an explanation and that was the generous spirit one he landed on. I hugged and kissed him as it was so kind to forgive my slovenliness.

So that brings me on to the subject of this post: what do tidy people do.

1) They don't let things on hot spots linger overnight or for long AT ALL. In fact they don't have hot spots. So, no things dumped on the sofa. No things dumped on kitchen worktops and no things dumped on a dining table.

2) They would never go up or downstairs without taking the opportunity to take something with them, that needs relocating. Being tidy is at the forefront of their mind, it's not a chore; it's a way of life!

3) They have people over to visit (instead of making excuses) so are always ready for a visit. Their worst misdemeanor is likely to be ONE unwashed mug in the sink or in my Mum's case, an ashtray with a fag in it (I didn't say she was perfect). In fact, tidy people can be dropped in on, as they're always in a state to be able to welcome you in. Both in personal appearance AND their home! No big tidy ups required only because they're expecting guests, although tidy people like my Mum do this TOO!

4) Tidy people always look at their home with critical eyes, NOT just when they are expecting people. So they don't wear blinkers. Every out of place item is noticed and moved.

5) Similarly, they have a zero tolerance with regards to mess/clutter.

6) Everything has a home and everything is in its place, so being tidy is relatively effortless as they have a "system".

7) They love everything they own, so things don't get messy as everything is too precious to be piled badly or trampled underfoot. If they don't love it, it's already been thrown or given away.

8) For them, they enjoy being tidy so it is not a chore.

9) I said in point one, that they don't have hot spots. In fact, they do, except they are VERY VERY VERY hot so things may linger there momentarily, like car keys, but then whoooosh, clear again in minutes!  

10) Truly tidy people EVEN have tidy cupboards. My Mum has a filing system for old paperwork and doesn't own any clothes that she hasn't worn in over a year, unless they are items of clothing that she ADORES.

When I visit my Mum in Ireland I have to live like this too, in the communal areas. The only place I can be messy is in my bedroom, so most days I don't make my bed, as some kind of teenage defiance ha ha! Actually it's not funny, but it is truthful ;-)

Anything you could add to this list, which I have just brainstormed? You could BE a tidy person, or have one in your life. What other qualities can you think of?

Liska xx


  1. I am not a tidy person....Luckily my fella is and he follows me around tidying up! Bless him. lol

  2. Oh goodness I'm not a tidy person at all. I have piles and piles of stuff all over the place, the dining table is the worst for me too.

  3. I like to think I ma tidy but then I do have those "occasional hot spots" !!

  4. I love to be tidy but my dining table is always stacked with stuff too- mainly colouring pens and books and papers and I never catch up anymore. Used to be tidy before kids and can't think or find anything which drives me mad and wastes time I havne't got and the house is never tidy all over, but in my heart, I like things clear. Good for you - great effort on your part. Long may it continue xx

  5. I don't have time to be tidy - see, that's my excuse ;) I always reckon it's 'manageable' and people should take me as they find me if they'd like to visit :)

  6. I have days where I need to be tidy and other days I cant be bothered haha

  7. I'm a naturally tidy person but I live in a house with three very messy people. Everything is dropped on the floor and left, nothing put away and piles of stuff just build up. It exhausts me just trying to keep up clearing up after them let alone anything deeper. I never let anyone into the house!

  8. I was interested in your parallel between tidy people and slim people! Interesting post Liska and well done on the tidy dining room table!

  9. I'm a tidy person! I tidy automatically as I move around the house, so things don't often build up to be very messy. I let my children be as messy as they like in their own rooms though - my 17 year old's bedroom is horrific!

  10. I'mnot a tidy person by nature but I like living in a tidy house so I really have to make an effort to keep on top of it all x

  11. I'm a complete mess monster and it drives me nuts. I try so hard to keep thngs tidy but the piles of stuff just keep growing. Totally stresses me out

  12. I swing from being tidy in the extreme to completely slovenly. I aspire to be tidy ll the tie but i can't keep it up for very long. *sigh*

  13. For me, it is more about it being unbearable to have mess around then anything else. I just can't stand it. I think tidy people (like me) and thin people (which I am not) are obsessive - I have lots of mess in my life, and a tidy home is something I can control and that helps me feel as if everything else is a little more clear and orderly. Sometimes I wish I would be messy with an orderly life, sometimes I wish I could be so obsessive with food :) Mostly everything says tidy because that's the way it is. There is no other way.

  14. I would like to be tidy, but I just can't manage it. I do keep things within reasonable bounds though.

  15. I am such an untidy person and my husband is the complete opposite. It drives me mad when he tidies after me and then I can never find anything


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