Tuesday 15 December 2015

Christmas Has Begun

I had every intention of getting the decorations up by 1st December, as my plan was (1) prioritise Xmas then (2) prioritise baby prep/shopping and then (3) prioritise labour prep (due baby 2 in January).

But we only got the decs down out of the attic Saturday and put some up Saturday and some up Sunday.

Today, my festive feelings finally hit and to be honest the niggles of festivity began yesterday when Aaron was so so so over the moon to turn all of the Xmas lights on yesterday as soon as he got in from school - kids really DO make Xmas what it is!

So today, I got him to try on his Selfie Clothing long sleeved t-shirt. You can get 20% off if you use my code: newmum20
Long sleeved personalised elf tee from Selfie Clothing
I have gone quite tasty, classy and minimalist with my 18 year old Sainsbury's Homebase artificial tree this year - less tinsel and decorations that are mainly red or gold, alongwith the must-do white lights. If you are a Homebase fan too here you go: 33% Off Selected Homeware
Collage of our Christmas Tree decorations
I adore the rocking horse. It was bought Xmas 2009 when I was pregnant (I think from Past Times). It is breakable so I have to treat it with TLC. As you can see I have two with Aaron's name on and that 1 sterling silver beautiful one my Mum gifted me. Oh and she gave me that lovely Santa with the snow white beard and luxury red velvet hat. I love the pegs with ornaments on too - they were cheap and I've had them for years....

The other highlight today, is Aaron finally wrote his letter to Santa :-)
Collage of pictures of letter to Santa
His hair is utterly gorgeous. After his first ever short haircut a few weeks ago, I am over the moon to see the return of the curls. How cute is he doing his finger spaces between words. His letter is modelled on one in a book, that I bought from Argos years ago (brand = Chad Valley).

I am the proudest Mum ever tonight - HOW neat is his handwriting for a FIVE year old. I know people think boys don't have neat handwriting but my husband's is neater than mine, and clearly that DNA has been passed on to Aaron bless him!

He even did the commas and apostrophes. Now I just need to decide what tablet and train set it will be - no we haven't done our Xmas shopping yet........ Sssshhhhh... eeeek!

So that's us, all Christmassy and finally up to speed-ish! We even have the school Christmas Bazaar tomorrow, so that will be a long day for me given I am on the pTA. Wish we luck. And on THAT note I really ought to turn off all these Xmas lights that surround me and get my heavily pregnant self off to bed.

Here's a wee little #Vlog of his writing to Santa. I had intended on participating in #Vlogmas after all. Better late than never:

Liska xxx

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  1. Ooooh it's getting exciting - on all fronts. Good luck with Christmas and January! xxx


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