Thursday 28 January 2016

Challenge of a Newborn

As a new mum there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders, including a lack of sleep as well as a brand new experience which one can never prepare for fully. We look at some apps which might make the experience a little easier as a new baby is a massive challenge.

The first app of use is a Baby Food app and this is essential as a go to app. This gives guidance on how to make food and in what amount for when baby starts to feed and starts moving away from purely milk. As a new mother this can be a very trying time as the baby may not enjoy the food and will naturally often favour their milk. Again it’s easy for a new mother to simply buy pre made baby food, but it can be costly and the mother may feel that they are letting their baby down nutritionally although this is obviously wrong. A new mum can prepare a batch of food as their baby starts to experiment with new foods and textures which it will soon prefer over boring old milk!

iBaby feed timer is an app where the mum can keep track of the time and duration of their baby’s mealtimes throughout the day. This can vary wildly due to shifting sleep patterns and a mother's weekly schedule so it’s good to keep track of this as it may be difficult to do this when faced with the task of caring for a newborn. Every child is different but mothers can compare with other mums and give each other advice on the best times and best meals to prepare. If a mum is facing resistance by seeking the advice of others they can often overcome a baby who is resisting food and new experiences.

As a new mum, it can be a bit wearing to always have a newborn with you, but also the constant mummy speak you might be subject to at nursery classes or baby meetings. It can be great, but mums might want a break from it all which is perfectly natural. If as a mum you can’t leave the house, then there are so very many parent chat forums you can join - this momentary break from childcare can prove beneficial. When I had my first child everyone was either Net Mums or Mumsnet. Personally I was always a Net Mums mum.

A final great app is Baby Book, where you can store photos and memories of your baby’s development online. As time will go incredibly quickly, this is a great tool as they grow up, although it may not seem like that in the sleep deprived first few months! As a new mum, your baby will be the No 1 priority, but best to also consider your own sanity and well-being and take a few moments for yourself - this will give you the strength you need.

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