Sunday 7 February 2016

A New Mum Again

Since my newborn lil lady has been discharged from hospital with me, we have done lots, despite my having had a C Section. Getting out and about seemed to be of paramount importance as I have had this strange anxiety about being indoors since Christmas (long story for another time). Having a newborn often gives you this feeling that you're trapped indoors, as going out involves doing too much prep but I can safely say I have nailed all of that. The school run kind of necessitates it; such a difference from the birth of Aaron when I honoured the ancient Eastern tradition of staying indoors, post birth, for 40 days.

So Thursday 4th February had us snatching an all day breakfast, as I had a midwife appointment at school at 1 p.m. and then we were at a loose end till school pickup at 3:15 p.m. I'd had lunch so whilst Daddy had the works I had a fried egg sandwich. Hopefully with this pic you can imagine you were right there with us :-)
As you'll know from a previous post, the C Section was delayed from Thursday 21st January to Monday 25th January. What you won't know (unless you follow me on Twitter and Instagram) is that it was then delayed further, but this time by hours, not days. It was booked for 9 a.m. yet she was "born" at 15:39.

They have two theatres: one for emergencies and one for planned but one whole one was out of action until 10:30 as they had to deep clean it due to infection (yes, I also wish they hadn't told me that either!). Even less funny when I left hospital with a water infection, that when sent off for analysis turned out to be E-coli, contracted at hospital, as the midwife said "you are the 4th lady this week". I took my last antibiotic at 6 a.m. this morning and I am only 70% sure I am clear of symptoms ;-) I'll have to submit another sample to have that verified. I don't know if I contracted the infection from theatre, from their water or from their food but suffice to say it was SORE....!

So a few planned C sections were cancelled that Monday and ladies sent home (considering they had bookings for 7 and 9 a.m.) but when they had called me Wednesday 20th January to postpone mine from 21st to 25th I had expressly said I am only letting you postpone it on the condition that you do NOT postpone it again. I explained I'd had decades of tokophobia and woe betide them if I went into labour naturally, especially given hospital policy is that C sections happen at 39 weeks and I was to be full term 40 weeks on 27th January. So word had gone round and they went ahead and did my operation on the Monday - phew. AND little lady had the exact same issues that made Aaron's C section necessary, so thank God nobody had ever in any of my appointments mentioned the possibility of a VBAC. As great a thing to do as that is, it wasn't right for me, despite me being a hippy/Yogi who would love nothing more than a water birth and/or homebirth.

I want to write everything about my C section, both before and immediately after, in the hope that it helps the reader, who may be an expectant Mother herself, but I don't know if I am in the headspace to do that today. I just feel like free-writing and seeing what comes out and so far it is what you see above LOL.

In the morning of birth-day, circa 10:30 I met my surgeon and my anesthetist. I bonded with them both and  they told me to get in my "gown" but by the time I got up there hours later, they were no longer on duty. As I have needle phobia, this totally threw me, but it turned out the new team were amazing. I could not have asked for better. He actually did a local anesthetic in my spine TWICE to ensure I was fully ready for the spinal block. 

I even got to hold little lady first whereas with Aaron he was passed to Daddy first.
With the birth of Aaron I felt nothing from the breast down, whereas despite being numb again I felt all the pulling, just not any of the pain. So to push lil lady out they pushed down on my chest and tummy and literally used my body (in the absence of contractions) to squeeze her out - I felt every bit of it. Didn't feel the cutting or anything harmful but felt all the pushing pulling and tugging. Such a difference to Aaron's birth. My Yoga music was playing, Daddy was right by my side and it was amazing. With C sections they come out so so so quick. 

You can see here how thrilled I am that she is here, already latched on, in the recovery room. There were no beds available on the ward so we were there for quite some time and it was a little chilly - I was wishing I had put my nightie in my C section bag and not in my luggage in the car:
Sorry I have not blogged sooner but I have spent the past 13 days trying to get into a routine, have *some* sleep, have quality family time and just *be*.

By the time I was moved to the ward there was only 30 minutes left of visiting hours but we got Aaron and Gradma there :-)
So now I have two babies
But until I blog again or Vlog even, check out all my baby spam on my Instagram. Hit a few hearts whilst there :-)

Liska xx


  1. Huge congratulations, beautiful baby and you look so happy which is wonderful!

  2. I've been waiting for this post. So happy for you that you have a lovely little daughter. And Aaron looks so roud fo his little sister. xxx

  3. Aww! Congratulations again....I am so pleased for you.
    You look so happy x

  4. Gorgeous family congratulations again lovely. Love the big smiley photos of you you look so truly happy. Glad your home and hope the water infection gets gone!!


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