Monday 14 March 2016

Our Belated Mother's Day

Mother's Day I was the sickest I ever have been with the worst flu I have ever had. Poor Daddy, all he got asked for was Lemsip and he couldn't comfort himself by playing with Aaron as we BOTH had it. Aaron came down with it on 4th March Friday, with me getting it the very next day. Flu has been going around school for months and we've both got such strong immune systems it'd been passing us by. But hospital, during childbirth gave me e-coli and I was on my 3rd course of antibiotics for that and Aaron was on antibiotics (for the first time in his life) for an ear infection and as antibiotics lower your immune system, BOOM! the flu took us both down. Properly down. Straight to our chests too. That Saturday and Sunday I could not move; couldn't even carry my newborn up and down the stairs. Scary stuff. Totally debilitated.

Luckily Tesco had sent us a hamper and Aaron did have the energy to colour in the cards.
Tesco kindly sent two cards so that there was one for Aaron and one for his Sister. Aaron coloured them both in, but Daddy wrote them both. Shows how sick Aaron was as his handwriting is great and he would normally have insisted on writing them. Yes, he's five and a half but his spelling, vocabulary and writing are great. In all my sickness I have forgotten to get him to write something on the Mother's Day cake which came with an edible pen, so he can do that today after school. Our appetite is back now, so that'll be a perfect after school treat today.

Tesco didn't leave anything to chance and not only did they send the Mother's Day cards they also sent the art pack you see above. It's in a little clear briefcase. Aaron has literally played with it EVERY DAY so effectively Tesco have also given me *peace* as he's been so good when he's been busy colouring in. He was off school Monday to Thursday (back for one day Friday 11th March) and he worked his way through a Maths Book (First Time Learning Counting) whilst off sick and there was a lot of colouring in in the book so the art pack was invaluable - thank  you Tesco. It was the best thing for him to play with for some quiet recovery time.
Yesterday the sky was a magic beautiful shade of blue and we headed out for a walk. I popped into Tesco and my shop was a shop of polar opposites. There were blasts of colour  like above, as I bought lots of fruit and vegetables to aid our recovery. I got three pots of spiralized veg (note the word spaghetti above if you are looking for them in an online shop) as I don't enjoy using our spiralizer. They were only £1 each and so fresh tasting - they formed the bed (instead of carbs) for a chicken sweet and sour stiry fry dinner last night.
I got Easter biscuits (above) - they are so yummy. I got 3 bottles of Carex (half price) as we used SO much with all the coughing etc that was going on. Thankfully Actimel is currently half price in Tesco which is great for replacing our friendly bacteria now we've both finished our antibiotics. It's great as it is on offer till 29th March!!! Aaron drinks lots of the stuff anyway, but with it being on offer I bought a larger pack so I can share it.

So I got a mixture of recovery food (fruit, veg and Actimel) and soap and shower gel as they were half price. Then I had to get some comfort food too now my appetite is back: an apple pie, the Easter biscuits, chocolate pancakes for Aaron and bagels! I had to get more bagels as we devoured the original ones we got in the hamper and we'd all forgotten how good bagels taste. I did them for us with sausages in yesterday and they were inhaled so quick they didn't stay still enough for a photo. Oooh and the photo reminds me I got chocolate muffins too! Yum!
If you're ever making someone breakfast in bed, then our hamper came with great serving suggestions:
So, now, I am really looking forward to Aaron getting in from school today so that he can personalise the Mother's Day cake. We can watch some after school TV and enjoy it.

Thank you Tesco. Mother's Day was disappointing despite me being a new mum as that flu really did take me down. But the eats and treats from Tesco really perked things up. Poor Daddy he was all geared up to do the breakfast in bed but it's been a slow recovery and definitely not something I was in the mood for last weekend.

Aaron wrote on the cake for me today as soon as we got in so I now have tea and cake in my possession and a happy tummy/Happy Mummy :-)


  1. I'm glad you are all feeling better now. How lovely. What a fab hamper.
    I was just getting over the flu on Mothers day. Ugh.
    I shop at Tesco and I've never noticed the spiralized veg...I think I might have to give it a try :)

  2. Love that cake! So sorry that you have been sick though, hope you are feeling better by now x

  3. Aw love the cake! Sorry you were ill but I'm glad you're picking up now and A is too. There's been so many horrid hugs around we've got this lingering cold and I've had bad teeth to go with it really need to be back to normal soon!xxx


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