Monday 18 April 2016

12 Weeks Old Today

My lil lady is 12 weeks old today and ever so bonny. As sad as I am that we have all too soon met this milestone, I am thrilled that the 4th Trimester is NOT over until she turns 3 months which thankfully is 7 days away.

The other day I got a letter in the post from my medical centre, where my GP is based, inviting me to a "weaning" workshop in May. My heart skipped a beat as I am not yet ready for solids and high chairs. I had hoped this newborn stage would last forever.

If you've just had a baby, hold them close, as it all whizzes by in SUCH a blur. Take lots of photos and make sure you get some video too!

I am using the milestone cards, so this is her today, posing for her 12 week Instagram pic :-)
Just like her brother she poses for the camera. Another blogger's baby hey?!??! Right now, as I type this, she is chewing her hand, which has now developed into a shout. It's not a cry, but rather a shout which means she wants me, so I will come back to this in a second.

She's on the breast now which totally soothes her when she's teething or is it pre-teething, I don't know.

We bought her a Nuby teething toy yesterday but she just licks it. Doesn't seem to realise she can chew it. But we were very impressed that she can hold and wave it around. But she doesn't grab it like a finger. You have to put it in her hand.

The weather was amazing this Sunday so we got lots of outdoor time. Favourite pic below. Before taking her out of the car I took a pic through the window and love the mix of her and reflections; me and the trees. A passing moment captured for posterity.

Although this is a close second and was taken in the same location. All of my best pics of my boys are taken from behind when I am literally stealing a (non posed) moment. But, Aaron just so happened to turn round and catch me. Rather than taking from the photo, it added to it. I love the tree branches above that are near them, couple with the naked one to the right, that is further away. It is rare that my camera captures dept like that, showing the difference between the foreground and that far away view that has caught their attention.

Before the two pics above we'd been in a playground. You can see Aaron in full flight here

The WHOLE time we were there my lil lady slept, meaning Aaron had a whale of a time with both of his parents fully focused on him. He's had no reason yet, in 12 weeks to be jealous of his Sister. Even when she was a mere FOUR DAYS old I still took him to football. Just that she was in a sling. Can't recommend baby wearing enough. And then, when I think she was only four weeks, we went all the way to Birmingham to Thomas Land. So life is pretty unaffected for him apart from that he adores her of course.
And I do too. My beauty - here she is at 11 weeks:

Our favourite current outfit though is hands down, this one from Next:
Also from the weekend, but from Saturday, below as you can see, she can sit up now without toppling over :-) Long enough to take a few photos without worrying about her:
That pic was taken Saturday evening, after we had spent the whole day at a soft play area. It started with a birthday party from 11:30 to 1:30 but we were allowed to stay all day free of charge so we did. Out of 15 children, only Aaron and the birthday boy stayed on but they had a whale of a time. Each time they came to our table they necked a WHOLE glass of drink. At one point they visited us for 3 drinks in the space of 20 minutes. No, it didn't mean he was tired in the evening. Neither did it mean he went to bed any earlier. Aaron's always had energy in bucket loads. His sister has lots when she is awake but she sleeps so so so much more than he ever did. It's only from weeks 9-12 that we are starting to see much much more of her. Her personality is shining through and we get lots of giggles and smiles. Also Monday, the day she turned 12 weeks, she cried when I left the room. I wondered when THAT would start to happen. A few weeks ago she started the crying to be picked up, whereas previously there had to be something wrong for her to cry. 

As I type this she is sitting in her bouncer chair talking to herself in squeaks and screams. Sounds SO cute.

Last week we decided to try our Oyster Lite stroller even though we adore our Mothercare Orb pram. I discovered that it means we can use her Ted Baker snow suit (my cousin bought it when she was born and it is exclusive to Debenhams) for longer as it protects her from the Spring breeze when she doesn't have the protection of the pram's carrycot walls around her 
I adore that the pink of the stroller is identical to the pink on the lining of the suit. Debenhams pictures of it online do not do it justice at all. They need my lil model :-)

This is the week I hope to catch up with my bloggy reviews, so watch this space :-)

Great thing with the stroller is it is easier to get it in the garden which Aaron made full use of. Also, given that she is sitting up she can see everything. Aaron therfore gave her a full tour of the garden, telling her what each and every thing was. Fully believing she could understand everything. My heart just melted fully just watching them. Oh my goodness and he was so slow, careful and tender in all his explanations, fully appreciating that she was seeing these things for the very first time. I guess that's why I found it so moving when I then watched ROOM on Saturday night (I have a test copy of the DVD to review before its release).
Above you can see a close up of what he was showing her, amongst many other things.
She needs me now so I will say goodbye.

Liska xxx