Wednesday 31 August 2016

Mummy and Me August 2016 Edition

I joined in with Mummy and Me in June 2016 and since then have been looking forward to joining in once again. 

I entered the Summer holidays with a little trepidation. My first 6 weeks school holidays with TWO children, but it's actually been easier rather than harder with two, as Lottie has had SUCH a positive effect on Aaron. When she was first born he was getting a little too grown up. Saying he'd outgrown all of his cute TV shows, calling everything "boring" and having too much screen time, but it's like Lottie has made him playful again. He's extra silly and extra fun and to be fair they've both been such great company that I can honestly say that come Monday 5th September I will miss his little self LOTS when he enters Year 2 of school (which is his 3rd year when you include Reception).

From our wonderful Summer holidays, thankfully August is a month where I have plenty of "Mummy and Me" pics to choose from, some of them are even professional. We went for a family photo shoot, with Bumpkins, something I'd booked all the way back at The Baby Show at which point Lottie was in my tummy. We'd actually planned on a family shoot for 6 years since Aaron came along. I'm so very glad we procrastinated and never got round to it as it means that Lottie is in the pics. I'd feel like ones of just the 3 of us would be out of date now, so I am thrilled we waited albeit that it wasn't on purpose.
I know only too well though, that ordinarily it is easy to go through your camera or your phone and find no pictures that you yourself are in. As Mums and bloggers we all too often view life from behind the camera lens. As recently as yesterday Lottie was in her best dress and I got a fab picture of her with Daddy. You can see it here although Daddy is cropped out. Later I was like hang on, we can't go to bed, us both dressed up, without a pic of Lottie and Mummy so I made it happen, gave Daddy the camera and went in the garden before it was too late (or dark LOL). One of the reasons being it's the first time in 2016 that I've worn heels - I love these sandals I don't know why I have neglected them all Summer. I'm a loon! We were both dressed up yesterday (although getting up at 5 and leaving at 7 means I didn't put on any makeup) as Lottie had a photo shoot. Yep she was a baby model yesterday. I'm so very very proud of her. You'll be excited too when I can show you the pics, or direct you to their location when they're online. I'm beyond thrilled about it, for so many reasons. You star Lottie. You were SUCH a good girl yesterday and your darling brother who is so good to you, was so patient, saying his Charlotte was busy being a "muddle". Oh he does make me laugh so. We'll have to forgive him that he woke you up.
The pic that for me will always represent Summer 2016 is this one below from 9th August. It's only a selfie taken on my phone camera but I just love it. The kids adore being with their cousins and it was a wonderful day out. The trip on the Thames AND the fabulous time we had in Greenwich's National Maritime Museum. I vlogged the day, although as there was hours of footage it is mainly the Thames trip and I will try and edit the Museum footage as soon as I get a spare moment. I have lots of outstanding vlogs to publish to be honest. Don't be put off by it being 36 minutes as the content is so interesting.

Me and Aaron even made a Vlog for Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons and Channel Mum over the holidays, which was a dream come true as I've wanted to work with Channel Mum for the longest time. Daddy loves watching back the footage of Aaron and I. You too can make a Memory Lane with Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons by clicking here.
There are of course lots of days out where I forget to get pics of me and my kids (Mummy and Me) :-( and one of those was the International Balloon Fiesta. We were sumptuously and comfortably hosted there in the member's enclosure by Red Letter Days. There were several other bloggers who could have got a pic for us, if I'd only thought to ask, but alas this is the only one I have, below, despite personally taking hundreds of pics and video. As you can see it is only Charlotte and I as Aaron was busy playing with Jane's son. They played so well for 8 hours straight. But huge thank you to The Owlet for taking this photo - very unusual that my smiley baby is not smiling:

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