Tuesday 6 September 2016

Bella Italia and Num Noms Make Your Own Pizza Event

We went to a lot of blogging events in recent months and one of them was for Num Noms at Bella Italia. Aaron knows his way around YouTube so was VERY familiar with what and who they are. The toys, not the restaurant. It took some persuading to get him to attend as his attitude was very much "they're for girls". But I told him he'd get to make his own pizza and an icecream sundae and he was sold. You can see above just how VERY thrilled he was with himself.
Luckily one of the events team convinced Aaron that there are Num Noms for boys and so convincing was she, he even got it face painted on his arm. Let me introduce you to the Wasabi-go-go num nom:
Even my lil Lottie had a play, as below, so we may just have a future Num Noms fan in the making. It was a wonderful event I think Aaron's beaming smiles prove that.... Apart from that one of the guests mistakenly thought I had taken her table/seat when all in fact I was doing was perching on the edge to prepare Lottie's Weetabix. Shortly after we arrived. It was an early event and she has breakfast a couple of hours after waking as she still breastfeeds so much at night. She was next to me in the buggy and I just chose the nearest clear surface to be near her. Once I felt the wrath though I did make myself comfortable at that table as I thought I've got the rep now, may as well go the whole hog! What do they call it? In for a penny in for a pound ha ha! Then there was confusion on the way out, as to how many Num Noms we were allowed as Aaron had two (I'd let him have Lottie's). It was okay, as we were then given an extra, to apologise for the confusion (I felt as if I'd been frisked). And then there were 3 Num Noms LOL, which actually absolutely made Aaron's day and had him playing with them all the way home. Both of these things would normally have been like water off a duck's back, but Lottie was grizzly at the event, I *think* due to teething. Very odd as in 6 weeks it's the only time she's teethed and since then two teeth have pierced her bottom gums. But to date, only about 2 mm or less is visible of each one. If you rub her gum they are like razors but they are far from fully grown teeth - or toothy pegs - yet! How they've pierced the gums with no sleepless nights I'll never know. My girl must have a really high pain threshold. Aaron actually spotted the glimpse of white enamel before me, as he spends SO much time with his Sister he utterly adores her.
So do you love Num Noms? I think we'd love the collector aspect of them as there are already quite a few things we collect :-)

Bye for now, Liska xx
P.S. there will be lots of posts coming soon showing you what we got up to this Summer :-)
P.P.S. big thanks to this lady from the events team who was so good with Aaron I could have hugged her:
You can see the tracks of Lottie's teething tears here below. In her wonderful Tot Seat which I only took her out of for a change of scenery due to her grizzles. She spent all of 90 seconds in a wooden highchair though LOL. But since then she's got very used to our Ikea one at home so I think she'd cope if we were to visit Bella Italia once again. You can't go wrong with Tot Seat though as it goes where you do and is always clean and to hand. Don't you think she is JUST adorable in jeans. I know denim is not the most girly thing in the world but boy does it suit her. She has a playsuit in denim (all in one) that we got from my friend Aleks and she's worn it so much people must think it's the only item of clothing she owns but I just love her in it and so does my Mum. But anyway, apologies to anyone who was in the company of this stressed out Mum, but due to her not being herself (which was the only time in the 6 weeks hols this happened) I was a bit preoccupied and had my hands full. I'm so glad Aaron was none the wiser. He was a happy bunny to be sure.

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