Wednesday 14 December 2016

Aldi Ski Wear 2016 Affordable for the Whole Family

We received Ski Wear from Aldi a week or two ago and I have to say it's their best ski range yet and they know it too! Being that I am on my second flu, I didn't get chance to do this blog post but couldn't wait to cover the range in a haul video during my attempt at Vlogmas, so that I did below:
We received stuff quite literally for the whole family and I even have a few bits for my nieces.

It was wonderful Sunday when we spent a few hours at a UK German Christmas Market to be all wrapped up and enjoy the festivities without being cold. Aaron has never ever been a boy for hat, scarf and gloves and has got through most Winters without them. At a stretch the only thing you can get him in is gloves but even then it has to be cold, you won't find him wearing them on a mild Winter's day but you can tell he loves this range as he puts his scarf and hat on every morning, without being asked, before I pass him his jacket and you can see why. Look at the cuteness:
Jacket Boys Aldi £12.99 | Hat Fleece Lined £1.99 | Fleece Scarf £1.99 | Shoes model's own ;-)
I'm actually amazed as I thought Aaron had grown out of bright colours but he loves it and Daddy only has the colour black in his wardrobe but loves the look too. My Mum saw the jacket in her local Aldi and said she had NO IDEA it would look so good ON. I said Mum it's not as if I have styled it up with hat and scarf from elsewhere. No way! They ARE Aldi toooooooooooo. You can see in the pic that there is an extra cuff inside the wide one and this is brilliant for keeping any breeze out leaving you snug and can be stretched down the hands when gloves aren't close to hand. I love that these bright colours means my six year old looks six. Playing with Lottie has made him little and playful again which is great as at the beginning of the year he stopped watching Ben and Holly etc and was getting a bit too old and pre-teen tweenish for my liking. These colours show me my lil boy is still a little boy! I just adore this look! Oh and I can't go without mentioning how much of a difference the fleece lining in the hat makes. So much more cosy, comfy and warm! As you can see the scarf is a lovely length too, prioritising the NECK without all that flapping around business - like who needs that?!?! Especially when it would just invite Aaron to play with it if it was long! We really love the length of the jacket too.
I got a jacket, scarf and hat too and was only too happy to be all wrapped up Sunday too for our festive family day, where it was so handy to have Daddy with us to take this:
If you remember in the haul video I said I couldn't wait to wear the white hat whilst having a Caramel Latte and I did indeed get to do that, but alas at that moment Daddy was in a different shop and I just enjoyed it sans photography.

Although being at the shops in the city centre at this time of year on a Sunday sounds horrid it actually wasn't as we went late in the day, so this was where the sun was, below, as we arrived LOL. We got to Primark one hour before they closed and incidentally I have a Primark haul video too. Got some beautiful bits for Aaron and Lottie.
This slopey metal bar is as close to the slopes as I think we will get LOL.
You can get a proper view of my jacket here, unlike the dark pic above:
I was thrilled to get the hat you see above as the turquoise bit ties in beautifully with the jacket so I have that in addition to the cream one pictured before. The other hats I was sent are suitable for Aaron, Lottie and my nieces. I have to say again though how toasty and comfortable the fleece lining in the hats is. And to get this luxury in such an affordable range is a bonus. My hat is only £2.99 as opposed to Aaron's at £1.99. Amazing!

My jacket retails at a wonderful £19.99. I did however get wet arms in it the other day, so although it is shower proof I wouldn't say it is water proof. But does it rain on the slopes anyway? I always see the slopes as places that are dry and bright but perhaps with a dusting of snow (that you can brush off) which this jacket can more than cope with. It definitely copes with cold temperatures and a few years ago, three to be precise, I even tried Aldi's ski range in the Ice Bar in London which was fun! I got ski stuff from them last year too and still wear it all. The gloves, the jumper and the festive socks were/are all wonderful.
If you've been tuning into my Vlogmas videos you will know that the day I unpacked it all to do a Ski Wear haul video all Aaron and Lottie wanted to do was play IN the box. So much brilliant behind the scenes footage of them having a riot of a right ole fun time.

This is what Aldi has to say about the kids' ski range
Kids get a great deal with Aldi’s skiwearrange, with a full outfit for only £35.94**. This includes Children’s Ski Salopettes (£8.99) which are available in a choice of pink, blue and grey and Aldi’s Girls’/Boys’ Ski Jacket (£12.99) which has multiple pockets for convenience. In addition, Aldi’s Children’s Roll Neck Top (£2.99) has a built in moisture management system to keep them feeling comfortable throughout their skiing experience.
The ski wear is part of the special buys range (in the non-food aisle) and it's a case of "when it's gone it's gone!" but it's been instore since 27th November.
With Ski season just around the corner, everyone from first timers to pros need look no further than Aldi’s Specialbuys Ski Range, in stores and online from 27th November, and available to pre-order online from 24th NovemberThe range boasts an array of super ski essentials from cosy midlayers to snug winter boots, with a full adult outfit costing just £59.94*.
I was thrilled that Mums at school have bought things based on seeing Aaron and the lovely Mummy Daddy Me commented on my haul video:
I've just bought loads of ski clothes from Aldi for our upcoming trip! I didn't know they even did ski stuff until your haul so thanks so much xx
It's wonderful as a blogger to be able to spread the news about affordable ranges that provide value for money. It's phenomenal to have the range arrive in a box on your doorstep and Aldi I am very grateful. We shop in your supermarket every week and I've been known to do hauls of our food shops too ha ha!
If you are worried about the cost of alcohol this Christmas, then go to Aldi as a lot of theirs has won industry awards and I can vouch for their versions of Tia Maria and Baileys in particular.

Our shops aren't always as cheap as the one featured above. Link here to: a weekly shop that was £81 but I guess it depends what you're getting that particular week.

The girl's version of Aaron's jacket is actually available online.

Here you can see the full range of Aldi Ski Wear and it is clearly indicated if the item can be ordered online or is only available instore. Stores may only have limited stock left now if at all so be quick. I did my haul video very quickly to try and give people a chance to get instore whilst stock levels may have been higher. Subscribe to me on youtube here.


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