Thursday 8 December 2016

We're Doing Vlogmas A Video A Day for Advent

So you'll have noticed I have let this ole bloggo slide a little. It's because the minute Summer left us I got sick. I have been sick for I'd say 8 weeks I think.... Won't go into that now.

But back to Vlogmas. I am a little bit crazy to be doing it with like no preparation and no pre-prepared videos I am totally making it up as I go along but on some level I am enjoying it and learning lots, in an on-the-job style way ho ho ho!

So, our first Vlogmas was VERY festive indeed and shares our trip to Hamleys and Westfield London to see each of their Santas. You can find out what we thought on Channel 4 Super Shoppers on Monday at 8 pm.

Our second Vlogmas is where it is finally 1st December and the advent calendars are out in force. We cover the school fayre, exceptional frost and Lottie has a play with her new Little Baby Bum plush toys which we are reviewing.

Our third vlogmas covers lunch with Daddy, Aaron receiving a certificate at school and a lovely trip to football at which my siblings have a wonderful evening together showing how strong their brother sister bond is

By the fourth Vlogmas (it's uploaded Sunday but recorded Saturday) I finally have my tree and mantelpiece done so it's all getting rather festive. During this video I pop into John Lewis to get an exchange on Aaron's Kindle Fire from Santa from LAST year and they thankfully did me a no quibble exchange for the same model. A few weeks ago it was hissing and smouldering while charging. I was in awe of the carol singers in there so they feature. I happened to catch the whole of Sing, so even uploaded that too as a separate video of its own, in addition to the festive footage in the vlog. Oh and I discovered whilst in John Lewis that they do a whole range of Portable North Pole merchandise, so watch the vlog if you want to see what that's like:

By the fifth Vlogmas I'm already having a day off from filming, so what happens is Sunday I uploaded Saturday, but come Monday I hadn't recorded anything Sunday, so ON Monday I filmed a Ski Wear Haul (thanks Aldi) and basically uploaded it THE SAME DAY.

But that means that on Monday, day 5, I was filming and uploading so day 6 includes some of the behind-the-scenes footage FROM the said same Ski Wear Haul but also looks behind the scenes at my Christmas decs at what is not done yet. You get to see us put our Nativity Scene together awww:

Day 7 is a DITL (day in the life) style video and features Aaron reading What I Love About Baby Jesus awww

Day 8 is the one I posted TODAY and features Aaron's first PNP (Portable North Pole) video of 2016. I paid £9.99 for the magical pass, but it just so happens that this first video I personalised may actually be the free one, so you could easily try it, no hassle, yourself. Today (remember this vlog was filmed yesterday) I personalised another video which *is* a premium one and it's five times as long and BEAUTIFUL. Features lots more photos and magical bits. Anyway, get started with this one. You can clearly see the wonderful effect it had on Aaron he was captivated

Bye for now, I hope you have time to catch up on our Vlogmas.

Liska, Lottie and Aaron 

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