Wednesday 21 October 2009

Scan date successfully brought forward in a pleasant phone call


Here's the update:

I rung hospital on Monday at 4:30 but although the receptionists were there the midwives weren't and nobody could tell me what time they work until..... they just said "oh they're NEVER here till 5". 

I wished then that I had rung during day but busy at work.

So yesterday I rung at 10:30 a.m. and a lovely lady answered the phone. I decided that she would do a lot less for me if I was angry so I pretended that when I got letter Saturday I was "disappointed" with the date "very". Didn't let on that I was absolutely LIVID and fit to throttle someone 

Anyway she said I can tell you straight away why that is dear. Your GP has not given us the date of your last period. I said I cannot believe it when I know I gave it to her (and to the receptionist when I made the appointment). I then took the opportunity to tell the midwife that there SHOULD be a system in place where the GP should have to print out what she types up to get you to sign it before it gets sent to hospital and I explained that the reason I was saying that was because I noticed by chance that she'd entered on the computer screen my due date as a month out (she'd entered 8th May instead of June). She'd done it on her fingers but when I said it was wrong she did it on cardboard circular discs.

Anyway midwife ignored all that and said give me the date of your last period now dear (she sounded SO chilled and SO mellow).

So I gave it to her and U could hear her tap tap tap and then she said okay, come in on 19th November, to which I said let me check my husband's rota as I want him to come. I then started screaming oh my God that is so so so so perfect he is off that say.

To which Mrs mellow said okay come in at 3:20.

I got off the phone on cloud 9 

And I did not have to complain or demand or raise my voice or nothing. And there wasn't the long backlog of appointments that my Mum had thought had caused the December date.

So now when I have my scan on 19th November I will be 11 weeks and 3 days which could not be more perfect. 

I am so so so so happy and it was such a pleasant easy phonecall. Such a shame I was so stressed about it all day Saturday Sunday and Monday.

I really want to complain to my GP now. Can't believe she got my date a month out and did not tell the hospital my LMP date....... 

Anyway, all's well that ends well. 

Liska xxxxxxxx

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