Sunday 28 November 2010

Amber teething necklace works

Point 10.  Teething.

So from the last post, I pick point 10 to talk about first...

My friend Siobhan recommended amber teething necklaces after I asked her what was around her daughter's neck...???  She had also had it recommended by a friend.

Well I looked it up on Amazon, purchased it, and haven't looked back.....

Read my review here: Aaron's Mum's review.

They really work and from the day I put it on he has never tugged at it, or even acknowledged that it is there.  He seems entirely at ease with it.  And I am a happy Mum.

Only given him Calpol once since the day he put it on.  And I don't see the red cheeks any more...

He is yet to cut a tooth, but the people I have recommended it to on Netmums have cut several teeth (or rather their babies have) and definitely, the necklace took the stress away...

Bye for now, Liska xxx

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