Friday 18 February 2011

Dear So and So (my 3rd entry)

Dear Son,
After 8 months on this planet, you have turned into an 8 till 8 baby (well nearly, with being asleep at 8:30 p.m. TWO nights in a row).
Mummy and Daddy may just get some evenings together now if this continues :-)
And you have even remembered how to sleep in your cot, you little angel.
Love you
Mum (or as you say it Maaum) xxx


Dear Hubby,
We've had ups and downs in the last few months but I can feel we are back on track.
Thank you for spoiling me on Valentine's Day.
The Wife


Dear Sterimar,
Never been to a PR event before, let alone a Mum and Baby one.  That rocked and the food was amazing.
Yours, Grateful


Dear Work,
I look forward to hearing from you.
Patient Employee


Dear World,
I am very very tired.  May the evenings continue to lengthen and may I get my energy back.
Liska x


Dear Blog Friends,
I am really enjoying getting to know you.


Dear Twitter,
Be patient, I haven't a clue what I am doing.


Dear Tesco,
Your current 3 for 2 and £10 off offer on baby clothes rocks!
Expecting my Delivery now x


Dear Ireland,
You are now a distant memory.
Liska x


Dear cold/flu and chest infection,
You seem to be nearly gone after 5+ weeks.
I can but dream.
Nearly healthy :-)

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  1. Especially appreciating the Dear Tesco ;)

  2. Yes, we both have parcels on the way. I got an email today saying my order's already been despatched. Happy days
    Following you on Twitter now.

  3. I would have loved to have gone to Nobu with Sterimar! Glad you had a fab time :)
    I see my sister QWERTY Mum has been Tesco-ing as well...we'll have the best dressed babies in town!!!

  4. I love Dear So and So. Can't wait to have a go myself soon. Still jealous of your trip to Nobu!


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