Thursday 17 February 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful 1, 2, 3


Reasons to be cheerful has come round again.  It is hosted by the wonderful Mummy from the Heart.

So here goes:
  1. Hubby is now off for 4 days.
  2. I got a superb bargain with the Tesco order I just did - see previous post.
  3. Aaron is getting cuter by the day.
Sorry it is such a brief post.

I'm typing one-handed but I'll add a pic for good measure :-)

I am adding a further reason at 22:40 on Friday 18th Feb.... I now have 23 followers (a couple of weeks ago I had 2) and today my blog has had the most visits it's ever had in one day = 66 page views today.  Very happy with that.  And... I am even more happy about how many of the Reasons to be Cheerful people actually comment.  Such lovely folks that particular meme attracts xxx

P.S. the night closed on 69 daily views....
Cheerful Aaron


  1. That picture is ADORABLE!! And yay for hubby's time off - family time!!!

  2. Aaron is certainly very cute!
    QWERTY Mum

  3. Love all the Tesco clothes you ordered...bargain. Aaron will look adorable :)

  4. What an absolute bargain! That pic is way too cute too :)
    p.s Enjoy your family time!

  5. Love the picture. He looks so chirpy!

  6. Brief posts shows you really are cheerful and I hope you enjoy your time with your husband and lovely boy
    My reasons are over at

  7. A brief post is better than no post - what a cheery looking boy he is!

  8. Loved even brief or not, and what a cutie he is.

  9. Hi, this is a first visit to your blog. What a wee cutie!! You've got a future wee heartbreaker there.

  10. Thanks ladies for all your comments - I *think* I have visited you all back.
    Hope so.
    Lovely to do the Reasons to be Cheerful x

  11. Thank you for sharing your reasons and adorable photo x Have a lovely weekend x

  12. Hi first time to see your blog, very interesting and lovely lil man x

  13. Well done on your bloggy success so far. I used to squeel as my follower numbers increased! So glad you like R2BC

    Mich x


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