Thursday 17 February 2011

I am loving Tesco today


This is NOT a sponsored post... I simply got a promotional email from Tesco, and for once did not delete it....

Clicked on the link and availed of the offer.

This is too good an offer to miss.  3 for 2 on Tesco Baby clothes..... 

Visit and add three items in your basket and they'll automatically give you the cheapest item free.

AND if you spend over £40 they reduce your bill by £10.........

You have to order by this Sunday and the offer code is FF-SPFEB

I saved £25.50.  I bought 9 baby items so saved £15.50 on the 3 for 2
and then saved a further £10 for spending more than £40
so total paid was £37.95 and I have alot of goodies...

I just ordered:

F&F Denim look hoody 

F&F Denim look joggers

F&F Animal print jogger set

Disney Maire sleepsuits

F&F Distressed stripe top

F&F Pirate Pup tops

F&F 2 pack long sleeved shirts

F&F 5 pack of animal printed bodysuits


  1. 8 months ago I gave birth to my first son after having had 5 daughters. In these last 8 months I have been plunged into the world of baby boy clothes - and what a lovely world it is! Your purchases are all gorgeous and Aaron will look adorable. I might just pop over to the Tesco website and see if I can find some bargains for my own little man.
    Following you now xx

  2. £40 worth of baby boy clothes chosen and ordered despite powercut mid process! Shame you're not on commission :)

  3. I just tweeted about it just now too, because I think it is too good an offer to pass by.

    Following you tooooooooooo xxx

  4. Oh, for anyone looking at the above list of products... the twin pack of sleepsuits... I bought 3 of those...

    So it was a great price.

    Aaron's sleepsuits are getting short in the arms xx

  5. It's the sleepsuits being bought 3 times that makes the above list of baby products divisible by 3 and then I also treated hubby to a twin pack of formal shirts (1) because he doesn't have enough and (2) to top-up what I got him for Valentine's

    I was also cheeky and deleted the things that I'd ordered that were £2 or £3.50 as the 3 for 2 takes the cheapest items off, so I wanted it to take off dearer things than £2 !!!

  6. are a bad influence! I've just bought my little man Freddy a whole load of stuff using the code. Too good to miss! xxx Thanks for the tip off!

  7. I did remember to enter the code to get the £10 off too!

    Good luck with the competitions. Why not come and enter the three running on my blog at the moment :)

  8. Thanks Qwerty...

    I have entered two of them. The toy that'd be appropriate for Aaron right now, and the gorgeous tea and chocolate.

    They are so easy to find thanks to the "Giveaways" page that you created.

    I drew the line at the Corrie comp, as although I am a HUGE fan, I am a clutter-bug and no more clutter should enter this house.

    Having a baby already added lots of "stuff"...
    I love Corrie simply for watching.

    Can't wait to see if I win the other prizes though.

    I also entered a Twitter competition for £50 worth of Mothercare vouchers, so fingers crossed for that one tooooooooooo.

    Liska x


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