Friday 24 June 2011

Cybermummy 2011 - Last Minute Prep


If you are a Mummy Blogger then chances are you know that Cybermummy is on tomorrow.

A shop in Enfield Town (where I found myself yesterday) rescued my business card situation so I will go to the "ball" with cards after all.  I couldn't get on well with any of the business cards websites.

Today I went to get a dress - last minute dash for an outfit.  In Monsoon all of the Maxi Dresses seemed to have cotton in and they were so tight I didn't even get into an 18.  Tried on 8 different ones.

Went to good old Marks & Spencers and I tried on a size 14 that was 100% lycra jersey fabric and it fitted beautifully.  That was darn lucky as after my Monsoon experience I was thinking of throwing the towel in and not going at all as the sight of me in fitting room lighting was NOT good!

M&S quite literally saved my day.  Would have been so much easier if I'd lost weight the last few weeks as it was more of a case of what fits me! Rather than what suits me!  But luckily the M&S maxi dress did both! And until the last few weeks I did not know what a maxi dress was! Ha ha!

And not only am I happy with the dress I got, but it certainly hides a multitude of sins...

I went to get my hair cut and ended up....
  1. Getting the hair cut
  2. Then getting a half leg wax
  3. Then a pedicure
  4. at which point she said you need a manicure
  5. and while they were doing that they said get your eyebrows threaded.
So I left that shop £48 less well off and well groomed :-)

So tonight the husband is asleep and Aaron is asleep and I don't really know what to do with myself. I am too much on red alert to have an early night...

I just rummaged through my jewellery and decided what to wear so I THINK I am all sorted.

The mobile is on charge.  The camera is on charge.  If I had fake tan too I would think I was going to a wedding :-)

It was only today that I got my new phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) out of the box.  Tried to put Twitter on it a few weeks back and when I couldn't, I boxed it away in frustration, but today (last minute again) I decided I can't go to Cybermummy Twitterless (and I normally tweet from my laptop) so I stubbornly walked into a T Mobile shop and the lovely assistant helped me to activate it.

How we are supposed to be tweeting when we are surrounded in our blog friends I do not know, but I will certainly give it a go.

Bye for now, I am sure I have some preparing to do :-)

Liska xxx