Monday 10 October 2011

MUMenTUM - Monday Mum Tum

Hi Everyone

Sorry I am doing this so late. Makes it hard for people to enter the linky on a Monday - which is why I always used to load it up on Sunday night.

I wasn't lazy last night. Aaron vomited at 7.30 p.m. and continued to do so until 11 p.m. (a total of 5 times). Then he woke at 5 a.m. hungry and I waited till 6.30 a.m. before I felt safe to give him a bottle (as he wasn't keeping them down last night). He had 3 this morning and kept them all down. Thank God. But it all put pay to my intentions to get the Linky live on Sunday.

If you have been keeping an eye out for it all day, do forgive me. Please.

So back to Mumentum.

I am calling this the Who Am I post... Because...
  1. I am a slim girl inside a fat body
  2. I am a tidy person inside a messy person
  3. I am an early riser inside a late riser
  4. I am an organised person inside chaos
  5. I am a healthy person inside a bad eater
  6. I am a yoga teacher inside a sloth
  7. I am a know it all inside a know nothing
  8. I am a practicer inside a preacher
  9. I am spiritual inside a non thinker
Basically, when I am the person inside, my soul sings.  But unfortunately, 99.9% of the time I am the person on the outside, chasing my own tail, while quoting many and varied reasons for doing so.

When I occasionally honour the person within, I feel in line with the universe and EVERYTHING falls into place.  Only trouble is, it is rare.  And with a baby, it is becoming more and more rare.  And since being back at work, juggling work and baby, it is non-existent.  I am a yoga teacher who hasn't even done one asana since giving birth, and he is nearly 16 months old.

Anyway, what I KNOW from my spiritual knowledge is that when you put an intention out there, your soul starts preparing even before your body does.  Due to this phenomenon, I haven't enjoyed food for the last few days.  And why, because, I strongly believed when I wrote my Mumentum post last week, that I would start the lemonade diet on my days off that have just passed (I work Tuesday to Thursday so am back at work tomorrow). Because my soul THOUGHT I would stick to it, it was already lined up to be off food on a liquid diet. But I did not honour my intention.  I need to BUT I want to start it on days off so now need to wait till Friday PLUS you have to use B grade maple syrup and I haven't sourced it yet........ yawn zzzzzzz

But I have now booked Aaron's baptism (and party) for 30th October, and I want to look good for that, so I now have a deadline....... :-)

Anyway I have rambled enough, but hopefully I have opened up enough that you know where I am at.  I feel a bigger sense of clarity anyway.  Sorry I have waffled a little, but it felt right...

Here's the Linky.  Over to you.  Do you want to join me in a Who Am I Mumentum post?

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