Monday 5 March 2012

Mumentum - 2012 - Monday Linky and Blog Hop

The reason this Linky is being loaded up REALLY late on Sunday night - so late it is very nearly Monday, is because I have spent the last few hours reading up on some of the issues I wanted to address in this post.

I spent a long time on my old blog talking about weight loss and never lost any, and most weeks when I load up this linky (apart from the 4kg that fell off me in December 2011) I haven't lost any.

So what's a girl to do?

Well, I have gone through a lot of soul searching in the last 3 weeks, thanks to 3 books that I was reading on the kindle (I have blogged about all of them recently).  Each book made me encounter various blocks, and so I would put the book down, or in the case of kindle, buy another, which is how I ended up reading 3, in similar subject areas......

Now the blocks I am facing are that I need to start looking IN instead of OUT.  I need to address me.

So, that means dealing with my physical clutter, my body clutter, it necessitates a detox, in mind and body, and it is all underway.

Then and only then, will I be able to answer questions like WHAT makes me happy!?!?!?!?!?

So I even got to the stage where I thought Mumentum needs a new name.  It is a word that encapsulates the Mum Tum which is what it is all about.  

However when we focus on clearing our debts, all the brain hears is debt and we attract more of the same.  I only cleared ALL of my debts, except the mortgage (before getting pregnant) when I started focusing on prosperity.

So what does that say about our Mum Tum challenge.  It is like focusing on the debt we want to get rid of (the Mum Tum), rather than the prosperity (in this case radiance) that we want to bring on.

SO I had a light-bulb moment this afternoon, and decided to change the name to #CurveLurve as I know most of us allow ourselves to stay this size as on some level we do like certain aspects of our size.  Let's admit it! Which bits do you really love.  I know I don't tend to wear baggy trackie bottoms; I tend to dress for my best bits - certainly when I am making an effort.

Anyway, I googled curve lurve and didn't necessarily like what I found.

I then spent HOURS brainstorming - hence the lateness of this post - and I came up with #InnerTruth.

What do you think?

Because I truly believe that when we walk this planet, walking our truth, walking our path, all the clutter (and weight) falls off.

But it means being brave (fear is a lower vibration) so it means addressing every area of your life where you feel afraid.  I did that recently with my You Tube video, and because I stepped up to the task, God held my hand.

And you know when you take the brave step forward, the leap is a leap of freedom.

So I ended up doing quite a bit of Googling and considering I was a Kundalini Yoga teacher for 6 years I was very happy to come across this. PLEASE FORGIVE THE SCARY SERPENT IMAGE.  The words on there are worth the read.

Some highlights being:

  1. The ability to make and break habits is associated with the navel center or third chakra. When our navel center is strong we have the will to make decisions and to keep them.
  2. The abdominal area is our power center. Women especially learn to hold in their stomachs. The result is a constant tension and continual blocking of our internal source of power. This is the area where our digestion and elimination is regulated. When we create stress by holding in our stomachs and have a negative attitude toward this part of our body, we interfere with our normal biological functioning. (This part of the body is where the Mum Tum resides, so fits in with my feeling that a rename is necessary). 
  3. When the belly is relaxed, digestion and elimination can occur in a natural and peaceful matter. Imagine you were a large or small intestine and that you had to carry out your job under the adverse circumstances that we create by holding in our bellies, blocking the energy flow and cutting off the breath. You wouldn't get the job done properly, so matter how hard you tried. 
  4. SELF-LOVE on an energetic level is our goal. For self-love to be real, we have to enjoy being in our bodies. This is of course a process that takes time. We have to be willing to feel uncomfortable and to experience our emotions. If we are willing, we will over time experience inner power and peace.
    (We can't experience self-love if we are slating our Mum Tums!) 

So what do you think? Would you feel much better if you loved yourself?  Wouldn't you ensure that what you ate was healthy if you really viewed your body as a temple? If you REALLY loved yourself, and what you stood for?

Anyway, I have decided to finally do the detox that I have been waxing lyrical about for a couple of years.  Now no matter how many times I blog about it, it doesn't seem to create the impetus to do it.

I knew I needed some external pressure (other than the blog) so I have that in 2 forms: (1) I have a Justgiving Page that will look pretty silly if it remains empty and (2) I am proposing to start my detox during the Do Something Yummy week for Clic Sargent which is running from 10th to 18th March.  With me, I need deadlines, or I do nothing! I am just glad that it starts the week after this, as I don't feel up to starting it right now.

And great that 10th is a Saturday, as then I can start the detox on my days off, (I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).  I wouldn't want to start a detox on a work day and certainly not the one I am proposing to do!

If anyone decides to join me, don't do so without reading the book as there is quite a bit to it.

Let me know your thoughts on a possible name change and don't forget to link up below.


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Inner Truth


  1. I am so glad you did not go for #LurveCurve don't think I could have put that on the blog. I thin #InnerTruth is very good. Fits nicely with my post this week, which I wrote before cominh over here.

    Go girl with that detox, juts do it, as Nike would say!

    Mich x

  2. I think #InnerTruth is a great name!

  3. Didn't finish what I wanted to say lol... I think it all sounds really great, and very fitting. Good luck with your detox! I made a little graphic for #InnerTruth on my blog as I like to have them for my networked blogs posting, I hope you don't mind! xx

  4. Mega-busy today but want to revisit all this post later as looks very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It is so true - how can we expect the GOOD things to happen, the things that make us happy, when all we focus on is the BAD stuff, the stuff we want rid of? I love #InnerTruth - it encompasses so much more than just losing weight - it is about us finding the REAL us. Not just the mummy/wife/housekeeper/worker that we have to be everyday, but the person we were actually born to be, the reason we are here in the first place.... I will stop now before i get too profound! Thank you Liska, for being so inspiring x

  6. I'm so glad you don't mind, and that you like it! I would be glad to resize it for you, just let me know the dimensions and I will do that for you x

  7. Ah fab that should be okay as is then I think, I checked it against some other blog hop linky images and they're about that size too! So you can just right click and download to your comp xx

  8. Great! It works! I have added the link to my entry xx

  9. I like the name, I haven't really blogged about 'weight loss' in a while anyway. When I have linked up it has always been about the journey to finding what works for me. x

  10. I never hold my stomach in and I think the problem I have with weight loss is that i don't dislike my body enough its just a pain to wear dresses but as i don't have much need to dress up or wear a suit the problem can masked. alao i am very happy with my lot and that doesn't help either although my weight can be the sole reason for a foul mood. i blog about my journey and that has helped me immensly as im quite competitive and feel a fraud if im writing about weight loss wnd nt losing. the body can do anything its the mind that stops it x

    1. great comment and your last sentence is spot on x

  11. I think the change of name and consequent change of our outlooks towards our bodies is a great idea, I've gone through the same enlightenment recently about loving our bodies and curves rather than focusing on the parts that we'd like to change!
    I wish you the best of luck with your detox! xx


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