Wednesday 2 May 2012

Wonderful Play Date

So cute - our gorgeous wee boys
On Friday 20th April, myself and Aaron headed off to meet Jenny, and Edward and Nuala for a playdate.

I was very excited as I knew that Edward and Aaron are both BIG Thomas The Tank Engine fans, close in age, and have played well together in the past.  Watch the video on that link (adorable).

They shared their toys really well (on 20th April 2012) the majority of the day and it only went wrong when the two boys got very tired.  To be fair we had no toys with us so the credit for sharing all goes to Edward.  Neither of them would give in to the sleep though, as they both wanted to know what the other was up to :-)

With Aaron sat in the centre of his amazing automated train tracks and trains, I think Edward was amazing to share so so well.

We thank you all for what was a wonderful day.  Jenny is a mighty fine cook as I loved my pasta, and garlic bread, as did Aaron.

We even left with a few goodies, which we have really enjoyed.

Thanks guys,

Liska xx


  1. They did play well didn't they?! PHEW!!!!

    1. yes, when are we doing it again m'friend?
      xxx LOL xxx


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