Saturday 5 May 2012

I knew there was another way - Twitter - election spent on Twitter

Morning everyone

I should be unhappy today.  Boris won the position of London Mayor when I wanted Ken to win. 

Ken! 41 years of serving London
X no. of years serving himself!

I sincerely hope he is not gloating today given the fact that he did NOT win by a landslide. 

Lots of people didn't vote due to the rain (!) and didn't vote Ken just because he didn't publish his taxes. 

Lots of people voted Boris because he is "funny"..... I do despair.....
As Churchill once said:
"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."
  --  Winston Churchill
But for the first time since February I enjoyed my time on Twitter last night.

At first, I thought it was due to political tweets and I thought I would have to put Mummy tweeting behind me, in favour of politics (me? ha ha!) but then along came a gang of Mums, and I really enjoyed tweeting with them:

Also, I discovered (as I kinda knew already) that it is possible to disagree with someone without falling out (that was why I was SO CROSS about what happened in February as it was so unnecessary).  When someone disagrees with you, there is no need for name calling and no need to be "short" with them! Especially when you have met that person in real life!

This below, is a perfect example of how it is possible to make your point and not fall out - both of us got our point across methinks :-)

So Twitter - thanks to me being on there for the election results, I have regained my faith in human nature - Politicians AND Mums.  So for me that is a good thing, and overshadows my sorrow at Ken losing :-)

Liska x 

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