Friday 27 July 2012

A Bit of a Re-Route

So yesterday I said we were going for an appointment with Gareth Edwards for live blood analysis and we did.

My live and dry blood both did not look great - it proved 100% that my diet is too acidic.

To get my blood to look "ideal" will take 3 months of healthy eating and I want that to start now.

I don't know if I have said it on the blog, but I am a regular dowser and dowsing often helps me make difficult decisions which is invaluable as indecision can be a source of depression, and having recently recovered from post natal depression, I don't need that.

So after our appointment yesterday I dowsed whether I should keep on with the 10 day master cleanse (lemonade diet) or if I should just drink the greens I bought off Gareth yesterday and eat healthily (i.e. alkaline diet).  The dowsing opted for the greens and healthy eating which forgive the pun, my gut instinct was telling me.

Only trouble is I have a kitchen full of lemons and maple syrup, but I will just continue to drink lemon water as that is recommended in an alkaline diet anyway.

I wasn't sure whether to come and blog about this as I feel like such a fool, after making such a hoo-ha about the Lemonade Diet.  Don't get me wrong it IS brilliant, and you can lose a stone in 10 days, get LOADS of energy and detox, but it is not for me right now.

What I need to do now, is go to Morrisons and get lots of fruit and veg and get alkaline.

Sorry for the u turn folks.

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