Friday 27 July 2012

Olympics - did you know

Did you know that yesterday, in Glasgow, the North Korean women's football team were expected to play with a screen showing their faces next to a South Korean flag?  Read more about it here.

The game started over an hour late as the ladies walked off the pitch till the problem was rectified.  Given that North and South Korea are technically at war, it was an embarrassing mistake.

South Korea will face North Korea in the first round of the men's Olympic table tennis team event after the pair were drawn against each other on Wednesday.

Seb Coe was in Cardiff to open the Olympics for the women's football match of Team GB Vs New Zealand yesterday, despite the official opening ceremony being today.  The pitch was less than full:
As of yesterday, 36,200 tickets had been sold in advance - barely enough to fill two tiers of the 74,000-capacity stadium

Despite my being miffed that these ladies had to play in the Olympics without the opening ceremony having happened, I was delighted to hear that Team GB won:
The London 2012 Olympic Games have got under way with a win for the football women of Team GB at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.
GB beat New Zealand 1-0
After all the negativity of recent weeks, it is wonderful to see such a beautiful opening ceremony tonight.

Can't wait to see what the Press have to say tomorrow!

Liska xx

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