Thursday 26 July 2012

Dairy Free Baby

I haven't written enough about it on this blog, but when Aaron was a week or two old, he had really bad colic and reflux, and I hadn't established breastfeeding yet (did so late at 6 weeks - read about it here).  Anyway, even when I did, it was combination feeding (breast and bottle) until 13 months of age.

As soon as I saw the colic and reflux I said to my Mum that I remembered a friend putting her baby on dairy free formula.  I guess now I could have gone on a pregnancy forum, but at the time I went on Facebook to ask my friend.  She said it was Cow & Gate Infasoy and that it is NOT prescription only.  In fact I buy it in Boots predominantly and occasionally Tesco.

Although it is not prescription, it does say check with your Health Visitor first.  As I only ever had one short visit from one, I did not do this.  I went with my inner wisdom and it's more often or not the right thing to do as a Mum.

I saw an immediate improvement in Aaron's eczema, colic and reflux and have never looked back.  When I was combination feeding I noticed that on days that I breastfed less, Aaron would sometimes get constipated, so I simply ensured that I breastfed a lot the next day, or if this was not possible, increased his water intake.

You can read more about constipation in babies here.

I have recommended Infasoy to quite a few people in the last couple of years, but as everyone is so into the theory that dairy is best, they seem to rather have the dairy and then take medication as well.  To me, I'd rather deal with the cause, than consume the cause and then consume further things to "fix it".  Some babies don't do well with dairy - fact!

I haven't subscribed to the dairy is best theory for a long long time, and always personally (for me and hubby) have Rice Milk in the fridge.

Anyway Aaron loves his Cow & Gate Infasoy so much he still has it now, morning and night (and sometimes just before his afternoon nap but not on nursery days).

I have tried to convert him to soya milk but he's not having it - my boy knows what he likes.

Bye for now,
Liska x
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