Saturday 28 July 2012

Aidan Burley MP - the most talked about tweet of the Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony was awesome, formidable, humbling and tear jerking in equal measure.

Tonight I am very proud.

What I am NOT proud of, is one Tory MP that till tonight was nameless (in my world).

He ( ) is now famous for these two tweets (with a naff apology at the end):

I did not have to wait till the morning to see him slammed in the press.  Thanks to The Telegraph's blogger Tim Stanley, the backlash has already started and I am glad I have read this, as now I know he sent not one but TWO insensitive tweets (both above).  He (like many MPs) is clearly out of touch.  How can the ceremony be too multi-cultural when it was followed by over 200 nations' athletes walking around the stadium - multi-culture on display at its best.  So what he is saying does not even make sense!

I can't wait to see how he plans on getting out of this one.  Have people (especially in the spotlight) not noticed the trouble that Twitter can get them in.  No doubt he'll be answerable to David Cameron first thing Monday morning.

I would just like us to remember the beauty of the occasion more, than his out of touch b/shit!

And I just Googled again to find it has also made The Guardian - what has he got himself into ha ha!

The Guardian article linked to is worth reading in full but if you don't, one thing it says is:
The latest tweets by Burley are likely to guarantee that the Oxford graduate, who had been marked out by Cameron for promotion after his election in 2010, will have no political future in a mainstream political party. Burley is MP for the marginal seat of Cannock Chase and will be vulnerable to a Labour challenge if he retains the Conservative whip.
Anyway, I am zonked after staying up late to watch the ceremony.  So, off to bed for me.  Aaron has a fun day tomorrow, so I need some energy for that!

The atmosphere tonight was awesome till Paul McCartney came on stage, and we seemed to be unanimous about that on Twitter - I did not see one tweeter sticking up for him.

Bye for now, Liska
New Mum Online

P.S. I still have the TV on and it is wonderful to hear what people are saying to the cameras as they are leaving the stadium.  Proud to be British tonight

Saturday edit: read this!



  1. I loved the whole thing, including McCartney. It is probably a more international thing for folks to be connected by repetitively singing that over and over again but he is showing his age. Anyway, I found it stunning in it's scope and brilliant in it's ability to show the changing of the times. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. I guess by repetitive you mean the Hey Jude thing?
      Liska x

  2. You have to question what standard of student Oxford is taking in when a previous graduate can be such an idiot. Not just in their ideas, but in that they thought it would be a good idea to tweet it!

    1. yeah it was totally out of touch and insensitive, but I now hear the Daily Mail has done something even worse.
      Liska x


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