Friday 30 November 2012

Music as Therapy

I know those of you who are sane will already know this but it took a LOT for me to realise that the answer lay in music.

I have had one of those weeks where every day I felt like I got out the wrong side of the bed; it wasn't of all my own making - the husband has been challenging me with his words, behaviour and tone since Saturday onwards and it's been an upward struggle - this morning I could not even take solace from the various forums I am a member of, as it got to the stage where I thought if I hear one more human say ANYTHING remotely emotional I will eat my own head AND hat.

So the computer got turned off and Aaron and I went out in the sun.  We're only just back.

NORMALLY that would mean that while I washed the dishes I would have lbc 97.3 on, but given that I haven't got any room for voices in my head today I put Magic on (a channel I never listen to) and it is back to back music with no adverts and I was transported.

The first song was bon jovi, which was the absolute favourite of my best mate in secondary school - a warm glow enveloped me immediately and it was cheaper better than any therapy.

Next song up and I was being spoken to, but I don't know the name of the song, but the lyrics were certainly speaking to me and telling me to get on with it - my heart opened.

And once the last song had told me what I now need to do, the next song rather appropriately sang to me:
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

So this weekend I need to get my other website up and running, and more often realise, that therapy can be found in music, and the artist's chosen lyrics!

I am feeling much better than I did earlier.

To anyone spiritual who may be reading, this 2012 shit is really really hotting up.

I won't go into details in this post, BUT there is INTENSE planetary energetic stuff going on, and it'll hot up for 12/12/2012 and for Winter Solstice 21/22 December.

We'll be a new world after that.  We've been building up to this for over 20 years.

I've had THREE newsletters about it, and it took till the 3rd one for them to say you might have bad moods, nightmares and depression.  Yeah, er, thanks for that.  Had it all.  Wish you'd sent me that a week ago though so I could have been better prepared ;-)

But it is now time to hang on tight as the rollercoaster of life is just about to speed up.  Either hold on or fall off.

I am going to have a damn good try at holding on.

Liska xx


  1. Whadaya mean you won't go into details?! If the world is changing next month I want details!

  2. No idea about this spiritual stuff but yes I love a bit of magic every now and then! Mich x

  3. I get it. Me, too, Let's hold hands X


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