Thursday 6 December 2012

Shaman, Psychic or Ordinary 2 Year Old Boy?

I have a special little boy and I am starting to think he may be psychic - don't get me wrong I think we are ALL born with that ability but then it is hammered and conditioned out of us.

A few months ago he woke up crying having had a nightmare about his Dad and a car.  A couple of days later his Dad was in a bad crash on the M25 - it was the Jubilee weekend.

This week on Monday he said Mummy go to work when he was talking about the next day.  I haven't worked since July and he had no way of knowing I was going to be working on Tuesday.

This morning when we were leaving to WALK to nursery, he had no way of knowing that his Dad would be leaving soon, by car, yet when we went to leave, he said "Daddy I don't want to walk!"

He looked Daddy square in the eyes and Daddy had no alternative but to get ready for work quick sharp and drop us to nursery (I walked home as usual).

So one by one, I am starting to see that Aaron can see the immediate future even if it is an hour or a day, or two away.  I know that time isn't as linear as "we" earthly beings perceive it, but watching this all unfold is interesting nonetheless.

Also he now is surrounded by "animals" that I have to dismiss each night.  Tonight being the 4th night in a row.

Tonight it was a spider, followed by a bear, followed by a snake, followed by a rhino.  The second I have told them one by one, nicely, to go home, so that Aaron can go to sleep, he does.

The only point of reference I have for this, is Shamanism, if that's a word.

So I am busy reading things like this at the moment, about Shamanic power animals and how they surround our children like Guardian Angels.

I actually think it is beautiful, and I am glad he can "see" them.

I am delighted that at the ripe old age of 29 months Aaron hasn't had this conditioned out of him - yet.  I want him to be in touch with as much as he can be, before he has to conform to the norm, if at all.

Sorry if this is too deep for you dear reader, but I am very open-minded and accepting of these things.

Lots of love and bye for now,
Liska x


  1. Dear Liska. I read your post put loud to my husband and we both had goosebumps. We think you are doing the right thing by not dismissing his visions, and in fact trying reading more about it and encouraging it. It is so sad that children loose these 'powers' as they get in contact with unenlightened people. We look forward to hearing more about Aaron. Xxx

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and it was a real pleasure visiting you back.
      Liska xx

  2. I asked my son if had animals around him and he said no. He is very attuned to me & his grandad- a few time s he has announced our arrival minutes before we arrived. He's very sensitive to peoples 'energies' too, but so am I. He has said that he's seen ghosts/people but I used to as well, the latest time was last year when my great aunt died, I was sad not to see my grandma though when she passed. Maybe my sadness was too much.

    Anyway, I was pooh-poohed so it's great you have faith and trust in your child :-)

    1. Thank you so so much for sharing you and your son's experiences.

      Yes, definitely, I think it is so important that we honour and believe their experiences :-)

      Liska xx

  3. I have done a great deal of work with kids when practising as a Healer and they constantly surprised me with what they could see. I suggest you not only hold onto the things wit him - write them down together even - but try to develop them. We'll have a hat about t and. Might

    1. iPad freezing sorry. We'll chat and i might write about it on the new healing blog when I eventually get it going! Brilliant news he's got it, like you. Xx


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