Wednesday 6 February 2013

100 Words - Beneath The Surface

I am linking up with the 100 word challenge

You'd never know it, from what you see here. It's all motherhood, parenthood and childhood, but beneath the surface, there is a broken woman - apparently. She is there, but she is also about to be born again. Life is for living and one has to be magnificent and not live a life as one's shadow self. As the darkness of the seasons fades, so too does the darkness of life as we get nearer to the light. The sun will shine, the buds will open, lambs will be born, and so the year will carry on, and the days will lengthen.


  1. oh, I so understand...reinventing one's self is most crafty work and takes time and energy we expend in so many other areas...broken to be rebirthed, broken to be reconstructed. nicely done...

  2. Lovely piece. So true that in motherhood we are reborn again and it's rarely a pain free process!

  3. beautiful piece :)

    would read n review my very frst story? plz


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