Friday 15 March 2013

25 Years of Comic Relief - 25 things you can do with your Nose!

So I have erm been a little bit silly and recorded onto You Tube  25 things that you can do with your hooter, your NOSE, for Red Nose Day.  25 things, because Comic Relief, this year, celebrate 25 years. <<< (The link has been removed as I subsequently removed the video as it kind of didn't really go anywhere...)

It is very spontaneous, very last minute, very unrehearsed, and hopefully you will laugh at me, or with me or both.

Aaron put my red nose on his nose so many times he ended up ripping it in half, so I have the branded circular paper cellotaped to my nose DIY style.  Mums are adaptable right!

BUT I do have an official red nose day Comic Relief Claire's Accessories wig on.

Anyway, if you like my video or it makes you laugh, use that funny money and donate to my Comic Relief

Would be great if 25 people could give me a £1 each to raise 25 pounds for 25 years of Comic Relief.

THAT is all I am asking for.

And if you add Gift Aid to it, we could raise even more.

And if anyone guesses all 25 noses, I will give you a prize, or even to the person who comes closest, but ONLY if I raise the £25.

I am hoping to add to the #goodwork that #TeamHonk has been doing representing the Parent Blogging community in style, even climbing Mount Snowdon.

I had meant to do a polished, edited video, with effects etc.... BUT the last two weeks I have had flu, and tonight was my first opportunity to do it.

I KNOW, VERY last minute.

But I didn't want to let the day or the night go unmarked by me or this blog.

Happy 25 years Comic Relief and I wish you 25 years more :-)

Liska xx

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