Monday, 11 March 2013

Homecare Insurance - It is Not what You think! Fonesafe!

Interesting thing happened .  £6.99 comes out of my account every month for "homecare insurance".  I THOUGHT it was something to do with British Gas and/or plumbing.

We called British Gas last week to change it from my account to my husbands and asked them why do they charge me £6.99 a month in addition to the £23 a month I pay for boiler insurance.  It wasn't them! So I called my Home Insurance provider and it also wasn't them.

While we had British Gas on the phone we explained our boiler is still only working eratically and that we now no longer think it is the condense.  They've since come out and replaced two parts in our boiler and it works like a dream now.

So, regarding the £6.99, since last week it has been on the "long finger" - the to-do list that never gets done.  Since then we had water leaking from under the bath and I thought let me see who the provider is, as maybe they can send a plumber.

I rung my bank and was perplexed to find that my £6.99 for HOMECARE insurance, goes to fonesafe!!!

I was horrified and called T-mobile only to find that I have been paying it since I got my phone in 2011!!!!

Anyway I phoned fonesafe at T-mobile's request (which I at first refused to do as I said I did not ring them to get it so why should I ring them to cancel it). Thank God I did.

I have had phones since 1995 and NEVER insure them!

I spoke to a VERY helpful man who said I will cancel it immediately and the most I can refund immediately is 12 months.  £88...

I'll have to take it further to get the other 12 months.  But I was very excited to get such an immediate response and such an effective one.

I am so broke I am spreading butter on toast sparingly and counting the number of toilet paper squares I use (that's more important than whether I scrunch or fold Big Fashionista LOL).

Anyway to anyone reading this, CHECK YOUR DIRECT DEBITS and know what everything is FOR....

And back to the leak under the bath, the husband has taken apart the pipe (waste) under the plug hole and it was full of my *ahem* *coughs* hair! I am surprised there is any left on my head.

Liska xx


  1. thats useful info thanks Liska

  2. oh and am pleased to hear your hubby sorted the leak :) x

    1. yeah I had a shower after he fixed it and leak 100% gone (with my hair).
      So we saved cost of a plumber AND I got my refund #phew

  3. I found that I was paying for internet on my phone which I hadn't ordered and didn't use. They also cancelled it and refunded a bit of money. So important to go over the details of the bills. My problem was that it's all in Hebrew and i have no idea what each item means.

  4. You are dead right about checking everything. When I changed my mobile provider there was some 30 day free cover - I never insure my phone either. At the end of the 30 days they didn't write or contact me, they just started taking £20 a month! Luckily I noticed after 2 months and they did give me it back, but I might not have checked my account for 6 months.
    Glad you are getting at least some of the money back straight away and very glad you got the bath sorted x

    1. £20 a month??? For phone insurance? Gulps THAT is a lot!
      Yes was great that he opened up the waste, got my hair out and put it back together again.
      He is not a DIY man, so that was a great thing to do and saved a plumber visit neither of us can afford at the mo!
      I was very grateful!
      Thanks for visiting

  5. That's great news. One of my lodgers once had v. Long hair. She said soda crystals down the plug holes helped prevent blockages. I even use them in the washing machine for whites as well now!

  6. The same thing is happening to me as with Liska. I have just realised that Homecare insurance direct debit was T-mobile/Fonesafe Insurance policy. I would not have picked this up if I had not received a letter from Fonesafe saying that they were cancelling it. Apparently this was due to them not covering the model of phone anymore. I'm now waiting 5 days for a response from the company but in the mean time they are telling me that I should have cancelled the policy when I discontinued the phone..... I don't believe that this was made clear enough to me at the time. There are no separate statements from the company. The only record is the Direct Debit payment and the wording on the DD bears no resemblance to phone cover. There must be thousands of customers that have found themselves in the same predicament... I estimate they owe me just short of £700.00.... If I don't receive this I will be taking this further.... Their argument for it being my responsibility as apparently is shows in the small print of their agreement will not be accepted as I believe that this should have been highlighted in the covering letter to me which it was not.... There was not even any mention of the agreement in the letter. A contract is only worth the paper it is written on if it is deemed to be fare and I don't believe the way in which the whole system has been set up between T-mobile and Fonesafe is acceptable and I believe might be proven as intentionally misleading particularly the way it appears in the statement. I believe that both T-mobile and Fonesafe have a responsibility to terminate an agreement that was initially set up between themselves in an appropriate manor. If they have already paid Liska £88 for one years payments then they have accepted responsibility for everyone that is in this situation. I will update this post when I hear from Fonesafe.

    1. best of luck they were very nice when I spoke to them.

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