Friday 22 March 2013

Swim Swim Swim

Our new routine is in its infancy, swimming every Friday with today being week two.

Aaron is asleep on my knee right now. Sadly that means he'll be up all hours, but he fell asleep in the car and I can't bring myself to wake him.

Always having the swim bag packed in the drawer, makes going swimming an easy task.

Bag contains both our cossies, both our hats and his arm bands.

We went to the pool side cafe after for ham and cheese toasties and Tesco shopping on the way home. Despite really penny pinching it still came to £53. Hubby had given me £20, but I couldn't resist £6 for 18 toilet rolls or £8 for 5kg of basmati rice. Also I needed Aaron's milk: £8.50 right there!

I didn't get anything fancy but it is very easy to spend £50...

Anyway back to swimming. We spent 90 minutes in the pool and had a lot of giggles.

It's £4 as under 3s are free. Well worth it. But we've only got 3 months till he is 3 :-(

I'd love to get him lessons. The term starts soon but it's £77 for 14 lessons and I just don't have it.

At this age swimming is so easy as Aaron can stand and wait for me while I change and we have the comfort of a family (large) changing room, although we had to wait for one today, on the way out.

Our pool's within walking distance but last two weeks Daddy's come, but sadly he's never been in the water with Aaron. He watches from the cafe viewing area due to his eczema :-(

Anyway, bye for now (typing with left hand with Aaron on my knee and it's hurting.

Liska xxx

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