Tuesday 2 April 2013

Wot So Funee - Three for the price of one

Joining up for the 3rd week in a row.  This is becoming a bit of a habit.

After a sabbatical, Actually Mummy is back at the helm this week.

Wot So Funee?

I normally make a note of the funny things Aaron does so that I have them ready but I was not so organised this week, so I am faced with a blank page.

I went to Daddy for inspiration.

Aaron goes to visit Daddy in the spare room (his man cave!!!) and keeps laying flat two things at the entrance: an empty CD rack and a keyboard (electronic piano).  Daddy keeps telling him not to do it as they will drop on his toes as he is laying them flat.

Anyway, the other day, Daddy was entering the said same room, in only a towel and the towel caught against the two items leaning against the wall, and caused them to drop on DADDY'S toes, to which Aaron squeeled with delight at the top of his voice "SEEEEEE".

See, seems to be Aaron's new favourite word.  He spent a few hours at Grandma's house yesterday, and whenever anything happened that was like an "I told you so" moment, Aaron would say "seeeee".

Yes, it is rather precocious, but when they're your own, it's ADORABLE, cute and FUNNY ;-)

If funny can be interpreted as funny strange, rather than funny ha ha, then I have another one for you.  Is that allowed?

On Saturday we went on a tour of the trees at Hampstead Heath and our tour guides went into the Celtic Astrology behind the trees; lots of Druid stuff etc...

THAT morning before we left home Aaron got a red marker and painted his face red.  I quickly wiped it all off before we left the house but I missed a strong red bit by his ear, where he'd been particularly heavy handed.  One of the "tour guides" noticed it, and she said "isn't that funny, Druids used to face paint their faces red" so YET AGAIN my son was a bit psychic, tuning into the day, before we'd even left home.


I don't know why I started this post by saying I had nothing funny to report.  Me and Aaron just walked to nursery for his 1-6 p.m. session.  Nursery was closed for Easter today (stupid Mummy for not paying attention) and while we walked home (with my tail between my legs) a memory from last week came flooding back to me, which is my REAL WOT SO FUNEE.

On Thursday we went to a leaving do, at Aaron's nursery.  Proper bash with a buffet of great food, and music etc.... Nearly all staff, children and parents were there - a really good turn out! All day I kept saying to Aaron "we're going to a party".

In case he would think it was a birthday party, I kept saying "L is leaving your school, she won't be your teacher anymore, she's going to be an Aerobics Instructor". Followed closely with "You need to say Goodbye to her at the party as she is not coming back".

Being the chatterbox I am, I said it more than once throughout the day.  Realising it was a big deal to Mummy that "L" is leaving (baring in mind she is his SECOND favourite teacher) he said to me:

"Don't worry Mummy "C" will be my roller coaster!"

LOL. Very funny and his earnest tone and face whilst he said it made it all the funnier.

Bless him, he translated Aerobics Instructor to something he could recognise, whilst reassuring poor Mummy that he WOULD be okay.

Bless you Aaron, I love you.

Liska xx


  1. Haha he sounds very cute. I love the roller coaster mix up!

  2. That is very cute, bless him!

  3. He sounds cute and funee! :). Rather chuffed that we got three for the price of one here x

  4. Awwww think seeee is cute not precocious, Cian is at the real parrot stage and makes you notice all the odd phrases you use :)) xx

  5. I love that! He's obviously taking everything in his stride and not worrying too much.

  6. Aww - I love how they just gloss over anything they don't understand and substitute something that they know. There's always something funny to write about with a toddler, so it's a good habit and I'm glad you're joining in :)

  7. That's very sweet....I love when they try to remember tricky stuff and get it all wrong :)


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