Friday 23 August 2013

Said it Saturday Week 2 #SaidItSaturday

Week 2 of my new Saturday blog linky.  If your child has recently said something memorable, shocking, clever or great, make a note of it, blog it, and then simply hook up to link up.

Things Aaron has been saying this week:

I was peeling an orange for him the other day and he said
peel it and don't look at your pooter
He wanted my full undivided attention and I did INDEED get told off royally when I tried to steal a glance whilst peeling.  My bossy boy!

At the beginning of the week we were passing a house that had thrown out some toys but the trend round here lately is to leave them out front in case anyone else wants them.  It meant I had to wait while he downed bike and had a play.  I was impatiently infuriated whilst he went on to say:
a teddy bear and mickey mouse that's hilarious [except he pronounced it hi-lair-ious really accentuating every syllable] it did make me chuckle
A few weeks ago I had to tighten the handlebars and saddle on his balance bike and when he tried to misplace the spanner a few days later I stressed how very important it was, so this week when he stumbled across it and saw me, looking at him with it in his hand he said:
yes, very important and I gived it you for your birthday
The funniest though, had to be Monday.  We walked into town to get some supermarket bits, and we passed what he thought was a cinema.  He was hanging out of the doors begging to go in.  In his little life he has been to the cinema 3 times and loves it.  None of them looked like this one though, but my little man who's always had a lot of 6th sense, picked up on the fact that it did indeed used to be a cinema.  I explained to him that it is now a Bingo Hall and he said
I like bing-all please let me go to bing-all please [except that last please was said in a wailing voice that nearly drove me mad LOL]
That same day, whilst we were round the shops he was hanging out of one of those street furniture lottery signs that was out of a shop.  He was spinning it round and round and 2 boys who had been told NOT to do that were staring at him... For the benefit of their Mum and Granny so that they could see I was dealing with it, I said "Aaron stop it, you are acting like a hooligan!"

At the top of his voice he said:
I am not a hooli-gate!
All 3 of us adults laughed our heads off and went on to have a great chat.

He has actually said lots of quotable things today but we were outside by the paddling pool all day, and I didn't dare get my phone out to type any of them up as I did not want it getting wet.

Anyway I hope some of you are going to join in this week.  Feel free to grab the blog hop code for the bottom of your post.

Take care,

Liska xxx


  1. Thanks for telling me about your linky :) love the idea of it especially as Jessamy is just beginning to say the most hilarious things! She's also most definitely a hooli-gate!! x

  2. Ha ha I get told off if I look at the laptop or phone whilst also doing something for Harry!

  3. What a hooligate! He is hi lair ious! I love the silly things kids say!


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