Monday 26 August 2013

A Little Boy that Knows How to Relax

I am joining in with The Ordinary Moments Week 2, as I am going to try and participate every week.

mummy daddy me

We've had a lot of awesome days out in the past week so it was hard to isolate an ordinary moment but this one won hands down.

As this linky is a Sunday thang, I am choosing a photo from last Monday, as technically it does fall into THAT week.

Here is my Aaron just "laxing":

Toddler just chilling

He picks up ALL my habits.  Don't get me wrong he doesn't drink coffee, and he's not addicted to Eastenders and Coronation Street, BUT he does lie in like me, which is unusual for a child AND he has recently adopted my need to relax.

He was in a "park" (grass by the road) recently (last Monday) and was doing stunts on his bike on a "valley" bit and then all of a sudden the bike got flung down and he did the above.

We then went to Lidl and I was gutted I had not caught it on camera but ta da, he did it again on the way back, and as a result you get to see the above.

My chilled, charming, ordinary little man, enjoying what ought to be an ordinary moment.  Safety, security, your Mum by your side and the sun on your face.

Lots of love, Liska xxx


  1. Totally cute. So glad he did it again.

  2. Aww so cute! We all need a bit of 'down time' every now and again. And I love the bit about you saying he's isn't addicted to Eastenders, you never know, one day he may well be! ;) I wish Mads lay in although she's only half seven which isn't too bad, and she is later at the weekends. He is a gorgeous boy, you must be so proud of him, and his hair is just amazing! x

  3. That's soo cute. I love the photo of him "laxing" even though it doesn't look too comfy. I have been laxing pretty much all day today :)

  4. That's so sweet, wish my little man would learn that skill.

  5. Your mum by your side usually sums them up. Such a lovely post.

    CJ x


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