Saturday 31 August 2013

Said It Saturday Week 3 #SaidItSaturday

Hi All

Apologies I did not post this last night but I spent 2 hours doing my Country Kids post and then stumbled off to bed.

I didn't write down all of Aaron's classics this week which was a big mistake as he said some truly greats!

Luckily as I wrote this, quite a few of them came flooding back.


I ironed out all the details for his return to nursery on Wednesday so I started talking to him about it Thursday telling him he is going to nursery-school from Tuesday 3rd September.  His reply "I don't want to".

I said you'll get to see all your friends and I listed them (he was there till April this year).

He still wasn't interested.  I reminded him about their great playground. Nope, not interested.

So then, remembering I bumped into their chef in Iceland and he was with me, I said "J****" will make you lunch, and you love her food.

In a really authoritative manly assertive way, he said "I don't need her to make me lunch, you make me lunch all the time".  The "all the time" at the end made me howl with laughter for some reason; maybe you had to be there.

Aaron had his little friend round for a playdate all day yesterday (Friday 30th August) and at one point, said friend, was having a tantrum.

Aaron said "I am going to put a DVD on to calm him down" and true enough went and got one, put it in, and pressed play.

He then sat on the sofa waiting for his friend to sit next to him and presumably "calm down".  My friend was impressed with Aaron as he shared really nicely too all day, apart from one particular blue "Disney Cars" car - the name of it escapes me right now.  I think it is Finn though.

He even shared his bike when we played outside.  Both of them in fact - his tricycle and his balance bike.


I haven't spoken to my Mum since May (falling out) and Aaron seems to have just gone with it. Despite speaking to her on the phone everyday, previously, he never asks for her.  Which is odd as he was always close to her, and cried A LOT, when we went there in May and stayed with my Dad instead of her. Maybe he still holds a grudge.

Well Tuesday she was on my mind a lot as I was expecting a text from her, and had sent her 2 (one on 25th and one on 27th).  Her reply did not come till 28th. Anyway on 27th I was thinking about her a lot, and hadn't voiced it, and we were walking back through the park on the way back from Lidl and we were both walking and looking forward.  Out of the blue he said "where's MM? I would like to see her".  It blew me away as I knew he was picking up on the vibes of me thinking of her.  But he has always been telepathic with me in this way.  More proof of that in the two below.


On Wednesday I went all the way to West Hampstead for a palm reading.  Aaron did not know where I had gone (other than to the shops) and he stayed at home with Daddy.  I only said I wouldn't be long.  They ended up visiting Grandma and had an amazing day so they were not even at home when I rushed back (yes I would have liked to have known I could put my travelcard to more use).  Anyway that day or the next, Aaron was talking about me being gone, and he said "you went to see that lady and went into a shop". Funnily enough, yes, we did go into a shop, from what he would have seen in his mind's eye, but it was a coffee shop, called Moments, where we sat outside at the back, and she did my palm reading.


Yesterday Friday 30th August, after our guests went home, Aaron was in the sitting room and I went through to the bedroom, and I had a whole phone conversation with Daddy in my head, but didn't open my mouth or pick up the phone.  I was just thinking through a call, and now less than 24 hours later I can't even remember what it was about.  Anyway, Aaron came into the corridor and then into the bedroom and said "you spoke to Daddy, what did you say?"  I insisted that I hadn't done and he insisted that I had.

I changed the subject and he forgot about it.  Definitely psychic that one! But then I think all children are until we condition it out of them.

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  1. Ahh I always think children are gifted in some way. He sounds such a lovely little boy. I love his little tactic of calming his friend down by popping in a DVD :)

  2. It's so lovely that he's so kind to his friends! He could teach my little imp a thing or two!! xx

  3. It's amazing how intuitive and sensitive little ones are. They pick up on so much more than adults do, it's wonderful. My Nan died before Freddy was born but when he was a toddler he saw a photo of her and told us that it was his Grandma (which was what we called her). It was one of those moments where I believed wholeheartedly that there is so much more to this world than our mortal coil. x


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