Wednesday 30 October 2013

Autumn Walks and Blue Skies

One of my oldest dearest friends came over yesterday for a play date.

They arrived just in time to collect Aaron from nursery (no he doesn't break up for half term) and we headed off on a nature trail country walk.  It was bliss.    Aaron was very excited to come out of "school" and find his friends waiting for him.

It was the perfect day for an Autumn walk.  Chilly enough to feel fresh, but NOT A BIT cold.  The kids had jackets, hats and gloves on, but the sky was gloriously blue the whole time we were out.  Actually Aaron only had a hoodie and a body warmer (no hat or gloves) and was fine.

We even got to open and close a canal "lock" and watch it fill and empty.  Such good timing that a boat arrived just as we walked past.

The kids loved seeing sheep, ponies, ducks and wildlife.  Their reactions to everything were priceless.  I had drinks and crisps with me, so the whole outing was free.  The best things in life really are free!

We then got home and had a beautiful late lunch - if I do say so myself (no I did NOT take photos of the food, as yes, it looked good enough to eat, but that was all I wanted to do).  True say, the reason I did not take photos of the food, is because I filmed the whole 20 minutes it took to open and close the canal lock and that rinsed my battery.

So I concentrated on quickly cooking as our long walk had worked up an appetite.  I was well impressed with our 3, 4 and 5 year olds that they walked for 4 hours without complaint.  Yes there were 2 scooters and 1 balance bike, but they covered at least 7 miles, so they did amazingly well.  I knew that we are raising active kids, but that's the proof of it.  When there is a blue sky outside, no need to stay in.  It was 11 degrees, which yes, isn't warm, but with a jacket on it's just PERFECT!

Just as we finished our food, perfect timing, a Kiddicare delivery arrived!  By courier.  It was a review item I was expecting and they knew it was on the way, so they were finishing up their food.

They had as much fun assembly it as they did playing with it, although I did have to beg them to let me have coffee and cake, instead of helping them to put the stickers on.  After all that walking and cooking I needed my ass to touch base with me sofa LOL!

This is what they were building: Kiddicare Parking Garage.  Currently 20% off!
£31.99 instead of £39.99.

I will take some action shots with Aaron, but today he is at nursery again and he has taken it with him for show and tell, bless him!

I hope to make a video of us playing with it!  If you'd like to buy it, get it during the 3 for 2 offer that Kiddicare are soon doing.  It's their own Buzzing Brains range!

It kept them very happy for a long time yesterday.  It comes with a blue car and a red car, which they boys took to have one of each.  For the little girl, I gave her one of Aaron's many cars to play with.  It is a big enough toy that all 3 of them could get a look in.

Then suddenly out of the blue, they all wanted to watch a DVD, so they watched a Xmas Curious George DVD that I had recently picked up in Lidl for £2.99.  It made me feel great to think that this may be the beginning of them getting in the Xmas spirit, especially given that Aaron and I are going to see Santa THIS weekend :-)

It was like they knew they needed some downtime. Kids can be ingenious like that - I swear they are more in touch with their needs than we as adults are.  Probably why they laugh and smile more than we do hey?!?!?!

Bye for now,

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