Thursday 31 October 2013

Prose4T and Pause for Xmas - The Seasons Change

I am hooking up again with Prose For Thought - hashtag #Prose4T

Do not go trick or treating without reading this Trick or Treat poem.

Prose for Thought

Here is my attempt:

The Seasons Change
End of October
Another month over

Christmas is nearly here

Start of the cold snap
The rain goes tap tap

The Autumn leaves rustly and brown

Fireworks banging
Bonfires burning

The hot chocolate tastes real good.

Time for a jacket
Time for some boots

The festive time soon to begin

Let's write to Santa a very long letter
He needs to know what we'd like

Time for my pedals! I've mastered my balance bike!

We don't miss the sunshine
We've new things to discover
Like going on an Autumn trail

The leaves go crunch
The puddles go splash
It's all part of the Autumn fun!

If you look at the seasons
Through a child's eyes
Everything's a delight and a pleasure

Every new discovery
Every golden leaf
A find as precious as treasure

© Liska @NewMumOnline 31st October 2013


  1. This is so descriptive and sums up the season so well. I am trying so hard to explain about trick or treating to Grace. It isn't easy! It's great to see you again. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  2. Lovely poem- I love the changing seasons- just when you're bored of one along comes another!

  3. I am a big fun of changing seasons :-)

  4. Oops - that was meant to be a fan :-)

  5. Its fabulous how children find magic in every season. Smashing poem x

  6. Indeed, you are quite right, through the eyes of a child life is so special. Mich x


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