Thursday 3 October 2013

We're All Going to The Zoo Tomorrow

One of our ALL TIME FAVOURITE places to go, is Paradise Wildlife Park.  Perfect for a 3 year old as there is a HUGE outdoor park area with loads of slides etc... and a substantial soft play (indoor) area where Mum can have a coffee and you can shelter from the bad weather (if there is any) and in Summer they even have a paddling pool. One day I will invest in the annual membership.

They've added lots since our last visit so I can't wait to go again.  I love going there as much as Aaron does ;-)

We haven't been since 22nd February 2013 (which was our 3rd time there) so it's about time we went again, tomorrow!!!!

It's one of Aaron's favourites and he's had a birthday spent there.  As with last time, we're going with my friend Deepa and her little boy (Aaron's best mate).

So at the moment I am busy humming this: We're All Going To the Zoo Tomorrow
I don't even want to tell you how long it took me just now to find that tune on Google pfffttt!!!!!!!
Save it, in case you need to play it, when you want to get your little one excited about your impending trip!

So, photos from our last visit :-)

A Tenrec not a hedgehog
Aaron was captivated hearing that this is a Tenrec when he was adamant it's a hedgehog!!!

Underneath the Meerkats!
The rest of the photos can be found in my G+ album.

Oh and In The Play Room has done a fabulous review of Paradise Wildlife Park.

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Liska xx


  1. Beautiful photos :) Looks like a fab place to go :) x

  2. Ohh wow! Looks like a fantastic day out!!
    Hope you have a fab day x


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