Saturday 26 October 2013

#SaidItSaturday - an Audience with Aaron

Aaron's been funny pretty much all week but alas I have not noted everything down.

Because Inside The Wendy House's "What Fred Said" has such a good ring to it I have now decided to call mine an "Audience with Aaron" :-)

This was done months ago but this is what he SOUNDS like:

The other night in bed, he was telling me about the new hair salon they have at nursery, and he suddenly looked remorseful - I looked at him in a questioning tone, and he said:
Aaron: I snatched it.  I snatched the dryer off xxx Me: It's not nice to snatch Aaron: I know (cue: more remorseful looks).
I must have been REALLY tired last night when I wrote this post at too late o'clock as the whole reason I included the above in #SaidItSaturday is because the above is not where it ended. With Jake and the Never Land Pirates being Aaron's FAVOURITE TV show he went on to say:
Aaron: I snatched it like Captain Hook Aaron: I was Captain Hook and xxx was Jake!
I love it when their imagination goes into role play mode - he does that with his toys too! Recently I get stressed very easily.  It can be anything: TV too loud, Aaron too loud, somebody chewing, anything.... I decided I should start listening to my yoga mantra CDs for the first time in years.  So Tuesday this week, I played them loud and proud.  Aaron tried to say something and in fact started to:
Me: Sssssh I am listening to MY music Aaron: It's not your music it's everyone's. [Said while gesticulating around the room].  Followed by Aaron: it's ours, yours and mine! [Said in a very deep philosophical voice].
When we were walking to nursery the other day:
Me: come ON Aaron we are going to be late for circle time. Aaron: You're not going to circle time it is just for me! You must go! Bring me to school and then go!
This is because those weeks when he was crying for 40 minutes on drop off and refusing to let me go I stayed for circle time and got told off for doing so by the Head.  Aaron, my clever boy knows that :-(  He hasn't cried in 2 weeks now and just bounces straight in.  Such a relief.  It means I am there 5 mins instead of 40 which is a relief when he is only there 12 hours a week! When I collected him Wednesday:
Aaron: I was naughty during oooh aaah circle time.
I asked the teacher and then she realised what he meant by oooh ahh and said "yes, he was told off for sitting on his knees instead of on his bottom".  This level of strictness bothers me, but unless I am going to become a hippy chick home schooler I need to get over myself! Thursday on the way back from nursery:
Me: I have got you a Scooby-Doo DVD do you want to watch it when we get home? Aaron: yes Me: it's a present Aaron: for me, where is it? Me: at home Aaron: Scooby-Doo is scary! Me: not this one Aaron: is it my birthday? Me: no, not yet, but it's Daddy's soon Aaron: You must get him a present I don't have money Aaron: is it my birthday too? Me: No next year.
The other day I said to him what do you want to buy Daddy for his birthday.  He only thought for a second and said:
Aaron: a robot
Me: why? Aaron: because he likes Titan Me: At Lollibop? Aaron: yes
Bless him that was months ago and he remembers that the whole time we watched Titan Daddy videoed it and didn't want to move away.
I blogged in #SaidItSaturday before that Aaron said "I like your heart" - well he keeps saying it now at least once a day.
Today 26th October (after I published this post last night), this morning Aaron just hasn't let up; he woke saying he wanted to see his cousins.  When I explained that they are in Kent for half term, he said "I'll see them when they get back!"
Then he started on:
"I want to go to Helen's house"
I explained Helen lives in Ireland, to which I got the reply
"let's go to Ireland"
I explained we'd have to get the aeroplane and that I don't have a ticket. He simply stated in reply:
"Get an aeroplane ticket from the aeroplane man"
Yeah silly me why didn't I think of that!!!
I don't ordinarily, as a rule, nick images off Google images, so the above WAS taken by me, when Aaron and I got off the plane back in September, on our recent trip to Ireland :-) I didn't think you were allowed to take photos of planes in full view of staff (for security reasons) but I "winged it" (forgive the pun) and none of them seemed to mind.


  1. It's so good to hear Aaron as well as see what he says - makes it all seem so different if that makes sense! I'd try and get Jessy videod but I think it'll be a long time before she'll let me!

  2. bless him i do love the fact kids think its as easy as getting a ticket from the aeroplane man!! that made me laugh alot!!

  3. He is just so sweet :) A robot would be a great present for his daddy!


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