Friday 18 October 2013

Things He Said this Week #SaidItSaturday

It's that time of week again, when I panic and realise I have not published Said It Saturday and I stumble around looking for my phone where I have noted things HE'S said.

All you need is a blog and a little one(s) who says things, and YOU too could join in. Don't just stalk my linky.  I KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I KNOW you have little ones who say things worth blogging about.  BLOG them so you can REMEMBER them in years to come!

Lecture over.


The other day, I wanted to give Aaron a bath and he did not want one.  I think it was Sunday morning, or Monday morning.  We don't always do the bath, bottle, bed routine here; he sometimes has morning ones.  Anyhow I was running around all over the flat after him, and lately I am just too run ragged to do that and my nerves are beyond frayed so I gave up.  Anyhow Daddy was in bed and it turned out Aaron was hiding under the duvet with Daddy's arm over him.  They both kept wondering when I would come, neither realising I had given up the chase.  Daddy apparently said MANY sssshhhhs during that 10 minutes.  When I EVENTUALLY rolled up, or rocked up (as they say), Aaron shouted FROM UNDER THE DUVET:
I not in here!
Daddy must have laughed for 10 minutes at the irony of helping him to hide for ALL that time only for Aaron to go and do that.  Despite being stressed I laughed too.


When Aaron really really likes a place, he likes to be able to ask to go again, but he knows he'll need to tell me where he's talking about and that aint always easy, as I will keep saying "where?" as if I am deaf.  So, with that in mind, when we were in Ikea last Saturday, he very cutely said to me:
Where we are?
Now you may wonder WHY am I including such a little thing? Well because it speaks volumes.  He speaks in FULL sentences ALL the time, and uses the correct tense and everything and it always makes me wonder WHERE has my baby gone, so I cling to the times when he says something wrong and I can think he IS 3 years old after all, so the "where we are?" that should be "where are we?" means EVERYTHING to me and I don't correct him.  I still miss him saing BUFFERLY - he now says butterfly perfectly :-( which is why I am delighted that he still calls potatoes ta-po-toes and no I am not correcting him on that either.  My cousin in Ireland kept her brother calling her Roar-ra for years and was GUTTED when he started calling her Laura.  Until I became a Mum I didn't at all understand.


Another little thing I want to record for posterity is that whenever one calls Aaron anything other than his name, i.e. a "baby" or "naughty" he always shouts at the top of his voice:
"No I not, I Aaron"
it's never I am Aaron, (there's also the lack of I'm in no I not) and again, I find it cute.  I could show you videos of how well he speaks, and one day I will, and then you will understand why I treasure the odd bit of baby talk so so so close to my heart.


If you read my Ikea post you will know that Aaron went into Småland hours AFTER us doing our shopping when it is meant to be a place that they care for your child in while you shop.  To add insult to injury when he decided to go in there, there was an hour wait for the next slot available.  It meant he went in at 17:20 despite us having been at Ikea since midday just to put it into perspective/context.  Anyhow, whenever I get fatigued which is USUALLY after dark when I have my PJs on, the 1st thing I do is plait my hair.  Well having been in Ikea for hours and now facing the prospect of waiting an hour for his Småland appointment and then finding myself something to do for the hour whilst he'd be in there, I sat plaiting my hair.  Aaron looked at me and said:
"I'm glad I am not a girl so I don't have to do THAT!"
Well excuse me, but I thought I adopted a relaxed face whilst plaiting - obviously NOT!


Last Sunday, Aaron said to me:
"I want to go to the shop with you but I'm busy"
I looked up from my computer confused and he giggled and said 
"Just joking"
He's going through a phase where he LOVES to say JUST JOKING.

And whenever he hopes I am not serious about something he says:
"You're just joking Mummy?"

This Wednesday for no apparent reason, and I can't remember WHAT we were doing but he just looked at me and said:
"Mummy I love you and I like your heart"
Now that dear reader REALLY blew me away!


He is VERY sensitive to energy which is what I KNEW was causing the problem with him not settling at nursery the last few weeks - he has now by the way (10th October Thursday was the 1st day he did not cry and then all 3 days this week he has not cried.  Such a relief when I was spending 40 minutes there each time I would drop him off with him crying and that doesn't include the time it would take to get there and then get back.  40 minutes in the building, in the room with him crying and clinging to my leg. He's never ever been a boy to do THAT).

Anyhow as if to prove his sensitivity to energy the other night I was watching the one hour special, on TV, of Coronation Street (I think again it was Wednesday) where Roy and Hayley went to Blackpool.  As they walked out onto the Ballroom floor I welled up and felt my heart swell with emotion.  Aaron wasn't even looking at me and he put his toys down, came over and said:
"You're not going to cry Mummy?"
He used to say that last year too, when I kept watching the video that Multiple Daddy made again and again and crying. (For new readers: Kerry blogged at Multiple Mummy and sadly passed away on 14th December 2012 - all who knew her, on and offline miss her terribly).


At the moment he likes "school" (nursery really) if he can wear something special there.  I never let Aaron wear clothes 2 days in a row, but he had to go to nursery 2 days in a row this week as Spiderman and I let him, for an easy life as the 40 minutes of leg clinging (I elaborated on above) is rather traumatic for us BOTH!  Anyway, he has a new t-shirt that I got recently in Kiddicare.  It's Angry Birds and I think it was only a fiver.  Anyway he has no idea who they are, has never played or heard of the game but he somehow knew it was cool and asked me to buy it.  I know how much he likes it, so on his 3rd day of nursery I used it as Spiderman outfit distraction and put it on him, which then meant he didn't really want a hoodie ontop, but I insisted on that and a bodywarmer to walk him to school.  On the way there he was already mentally preparing himself that he'd be taking the outer layers off, to show off his t-shirt, but then he said something that broke my heart:

"I can't take it off as they'll say my arms are silly"
I said what do you mean, to which he said:
"they're scratchy!"
So he remembered, despite having his outer garments on, that the t-shirt is short-sleeved and despite us being 10 minutes away he was already fretting about getting his arms out.  His eczema has come back lately.  Since he has been in this older room at nursery he talks about THEY really often.  Since he started talking about THEY whoever they bloody well are, he has become incredibly fussy about what he wears. It used to be up to me, and dressing him is now really stressful, now that he is so self-conscious. I did not expect this at 3 years of age and would quite frankly like to give THEY a good talking to!!!!! and a peace of my mind.  Slip of the tongue there that should obviously say piece of my mind, but maybe it is peace I want!  I know that THEY are four and Aaron is three.  Sometimes I wish the room was not a 3-5 room and sometimes I wish that THEY were already at school, where they'd be with boys as old as themselves who can deal with their nonsense.  Other things have happened to.  THEY have taken his shoes off and said THEY have done so because he (Aaron) is a baby.  I think THEY feel threatened because Aaron is the same height as them despite being a lot younger.


The same day as above (this Thursday) I dropped him at nursery an hour early, as I had to rush off to a posh Breakfast Blogger Buggy event (Joolz).  On the way there I said a couple of times "COME ON" "Don't make me miss my train!".

At one point he realised what I was saying and said 

"you don't need to get a train, school is THIS way".

Bless him, my Aaron is nothing if not LITERAL.

I published this post without remembering the thing that he said, that I loved THE MOST this week.

On Thursday when I collected him from nursery I said "do you want to go to Sandra's house and see her truck? She's moving house and you can say goodbye to her"  He said "no" so I said "but Aaron she was a big part of your life".  She looked after him in 2011 for five months (from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.) when I would go to work, after maternity leave, and I was waiting for his nursery place to become available.  Anyway when I said "she was a big part of your life" he was behind me on his balance bike and he mumbled 
"you are my life".
I thought I MUST not have heard correctly.  So I turned round 180 degrees and said

"Aaron what did you say?"

He somehow realised it was special and said, in a frustrated shy voice"
"I said she's not! [He shouted the "not"]. YOU are my life".
I was quite frankly blown away - he really really shocks me the things he says, and then a week later I have forgotten them.  I am really really glad I have a blog to record them on, but then I have been saying that since he started uttering his first words over 2 years ago, and yet it is ONLY the pressure of #SaidItSaturday that quite literally forces me to record them, which is why I think YOU Dear Reader, should do the same and join in, so you can note them all down for posterity. Just think how much fun they will have reading this when they are 18 years of age, or getting married.

Liska xxx

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  1. Oh boy - a little tear in my eye now! This is such a priceless post and your little boy is clearly just so very very special and funny and loving and cheeky! Really beautiful to treasure these moments just so much!

    1. Thanks so much. I did feel overwhelmed when I was typing it up. I love that you picked up on it all xxx

  2. He says such lovely things - I particularly like I like your heart! x

    1. He can drive me stir crazy AND then melt me in seconds. Little devil he is x

  3. That is such a lovely post. I completely relate to cherishing the words and expressions that little ones continue to say. I love Aaron's sensitivity, he is such a lovely boy. The "You are my life" comment is beautiful. BTW You know that episode of Corrie in Blackpool? Well, the actor who played the manager who let Roy and Hayley into the ballroom was my good friend John Draycott. My little claim to fame :) I'm about to link up my post in a sec xxx

    1. Ah and I loved that particular bit too as it had a dreamlike quality until he spoke up to the balcony to his Mum the fortune teller and then it all made sense. Thanks for hooking up honey I love What Fred Said xx


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