Thursday 10 October 2013

Through The Eyes of a Three Year Old Boy

Summer 2012 when Aaron really dispensed with the buggy, he wanted to scoot EVERYWHERE, whereas this Summer has been the Summer of the balance bike.

It does keep us moving and means a 13 minute walk can be as quick as 20 minutes, or when he insists on cycling ahead of me and I need to run to keep up we can even do a 13 minute walk in 10 minutes.

So gone are the days where it could take an hour.

BUT, he is going through a curious phase again like he did at 2 years of age, even though he's now 3 years + 4 months, so he will stop to look at refuse being collected and even speak to the Bin Men, or like today, in addition to that, he spoke to men taking fire extinguishers off a truck.

Monday we went to visit my cousin in Stanmore, and we brought the bike on trains, tubes etc.... nobody seems to mind as it is tiny (and very light) so doesn't get in anyone's way.  Less hassle in fact than a buggy.  Only that I can't hang shopping on it and he can't sleep in it LOL.

Anyway, he still stops to look at everything that moves in the sky, like this:

No walk is boring when you're three!

Everything is fascinating!

It's hard work for Mummy as she has to explain EVERYTHING and be corrected if it contradicts the explanation she gave last week, or last month, or with this one's memory EVEN last year!

It certainly keeps me on my toes.

I have never paid so much attention to the arrival of Autumn as I have this year.  We watch the leaves falling, we gather them up.  We check their colour, whether they are crunchy to walk on, or cycle on.

Everything is of interest.  It's fun, but equally exhausting.  When it comes to 10 p.m. I am ready to sleep.  A few months ago I could stay up till 2-3 a.m. no problem.  I would be tweeting away insomnia style no problem.  If you're wondering why my Twitter account is silent during the day - I'm out and don't have it on my phone and at night, I am snoozing!

Everyday is an adventure and everyday is a new day with new things to be discovered and explained.

I would highly recommend wheels - either a scooter, bike or both if you are dispensing with a buggy as 2 and 3 year olds walk too slowly.  We don't drive (well Daddy does) but me and Aaron don't, so we sometimes cover 12-15 miles a week.  Wheels help!

Liska xx


  1. Oh that curiousity has started here too and it takes forever to get anywhere sometimes. If I know we have to be somewhere for a certain time I have to take method of transport into account so confess to relying on the buggy for that. He loves his balance bike though and I try to use that to get about when we can. Sounds like you guys are enjoying a right old busy time together! It's the best reason to stay away from social media and even I now find myself blogging less as I enjoy the moments!

  2. Life is definitely 'fun' when a 3 year old is around...never a dull moment lol! Sounds like your'e having loads of fun together :)


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