Friday 11 October 2013

#SaidItSaturday - Saturday Blog Hop linky for recording the precious things our little ones say

So I am being organised and posting this on a Friday so that you can all link up early in the morning if you want to.

I HAVE been recording notes on my phone, every time Aaron's said something funny or precious although I should not say EVERY time as there have been a few where I have thought I won't forget THAT and yet I have......

Anyhow here we go:

So the other day we walked into town to the shops and I didn't want him to drag his heels and his bike on the way home the way he did on the way there, so as we neared home I said Aaron come on, Mummy's arms are going to fall off because this shopping is so heavy (I'd carried it for a 30 minute walk).

His reply took me by surprise:
"But you won't be able to..."

"Work on your pooter"
In the couple of seconds pause between the two halves of that sentence, my life flashed before me, and I thought what does HE think I won't be able to DO.  I NEVER expected THAT answer.

Whenever I am blogging or social media-ing I do tell him that I am working, and clearly it has sunk in - ooooooops! He considers my "work" as serious as Daddy's.  Bless him.  When he was young I did work from home on Mondays and Fridays but that is because I only worked the other 3 days (paid in an office) and was stupid enough to work on my 2 days off.  He couldn't possibly remember those days though as he only turned 3 in June and I was made redundant July 2012.

Oh, and 5 minutes later, when I was still striding ahead, pace making, and he was dawdling on the balance bike behind me (which is unusual as he more often that not whizzes off and has to wait for me at every curb) the penny must have dropped that "arms falling off" is just a figure of speech as he said:
"Mummy you're just being silly?"
He must have been fixated with anatomy after that as later on, at the dinner table he pointed to a gap between two fingers and told me he wanted an extra finger there and when I asked why, he said
"to make webs".  
Well... obviously, my son wants to be Spiderman, so I should have known! Silly Mummy! Thank God he met him at the Circus last Thursday hey!


Following on with the literal theme, as he is often, now that he's turned three.  The other night I was at my wit's end as he's been in bed a lot at 20:30 lately and I have been getting spoilt, after 3 years of a late to bed baby/toddler.  Anyway I was stressed the other night as he was still up and I said "Aaron it's quarter to ten" and he said:
"How do you know?"
I showed him my phone and computer and he said:
"It's right there [pointing out to the kitchen wall and said] on the yellow clock"
There was a definite silent "stupid" on the end of that exclamation.  He can't read the time, but he's clearly worked out the place to do so if he was that way inclined!!! His point must have been that I couldn't see that clock from where I was when I said it was quarter to ten!  Don't ever cross a determined 3 year old, oh and don't get me started on Ds...... D for determined, D for defiant, D for discipline, D for disobedient..... Whoever invented terrible twos, must have been too busy dealing with the threes to talk about it.  Can't remember who told me the term THREENAGER but there was never a better word for it!!!

Oh, you remember I said a few weeks ago that I was going to Ireland for a wedding... Well that was the wedding of my favourite cousin.  After getting married she has now decided to settle in London (after having been in Oz for 5 years till the wedding) as she did grow up in London, till the age of 15, at which point she moved to Ireland.... Anyway, still with me? So, she is back in London, and me and Aaron visited her on Monday (yes I know it should be Aaron and I, but that is NOT the way I talk) and while there, I happened to tell a story to my cousin that involved me singing the Saw Doctor's classic "I used to love her, I used to love her once, a long long time ago".  I just assume everyone knows it, but I found out when chatting to someone the other day, that unless you're Irish, you don't.  Well anyway, Aaron must have heard me singing it, as we had a 2 hour journey on public transport back from my cousin's.  Aaron kept singing "one more time ago, ONCE, one more time ago ONCE" (putting real emphasis on the ONCE) all the way home.  In the right toon! Bless him! I am going to link to it, just in case you are remotely interested.  You might be Irish, dear reader, or just nosey, or perhaps you like country.  Anyway it is a very good very catchy toon, look, click here: I Used To Love Her Once


And just a couple of Said Its from TODAY:

We had a hideous journey home from soft play tonight which saw me, Aaron, my friend and her little boy on THREE trains, that resulted in us needlessly going through zone 1, during peak hours with all the commuters. It was hideous.  We had to squash ourselves, two boys, a bike and a buggy on the train.  Anyway at one point Aaron sees me looking into space, in that gormless way you do when you are on sardine public transport.  You know the "don't talk to me" London Transport face.  Anyway Aaron at the top of his voice says:

"Mummy why do you look like THAT?" When I pretend not to hear him, for modesty's sake, he won't let it drop and keeps asking and starts to imitate my face saying:
"Your eyes are like THAT!" [Cue: many theatrical demos]

The man next to me was pissing himself laughing, so I said "sorry Aaron I am adopting the zombie face that is a prerequisite for traveling on a commuter train".  90% of the carriage were in such a zombie state that the whole exchange went completely over their heads.  Medical research has actually confirmed that people turn off their senses on a packed out train, so as to protect their nervous system from over stimulation.  Oh aren't I very glad that I am a SAHM now.  For anyone reading this who is not a Mum that means Stay At Home Mum, except er, we don't, stay at home, very often. Yes, I might be a SAHM but I am not a housewife......... #fail.


Tonight I was showing him pics from our wedding album, as on Monday we'll have been together 25 years (married for 12).  He looked at the first half and it was all group photos and then he stumbled across one of me on my own and said:
"Mummy where has everyone gone?  You'll be lonely.  You'll cry!"
Bless him.

Anyway, please record the precious things your littlies say, blog about them and hook up here.  All welcome.

Liska xxx


  1. that expression :) Aaron sounds like he's developing a very strong but still very sensitive personality. What a little beauty that boy of yours is! Congratulations on 25 years with your man...quite an achievement. I'll be linking up xxx

  2. The last comment is definitely my favourite - he sounds so sensitive and caring although the other comments show he's still got a mischievous streak ;) x


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