Sunday 6 October 2013

We Love Kiddicare

We love Kiddicare in this house.  Mummy went to a Kiddicare focus group the DAY we got back from Ireland.  Yep it was a bit of a rush.  Stansted to home, and a few hours later, travelling to London.  It was GREAT to get a night out, after 10 intensive days with Aaron in Ireland, and to have a beer whilst letting my hair down with fellow bloggers.  An added bonus that I got a £50 Kiddicare voucher for my attendance/time.

So last Monday Aaron and I headed off on the bus to spend it.

I knew the sensible thing to do would be to spend it on clothes, but I did not think £50 would go very far, especially on Autum/Winter garments, but I did not realise that in Kiddicare they have price tags that would even given George a run for his money.

See despite being in the store several times we've never gone near the clothes, till now.

They have a range called Nutmeg, that is LOVELY and VERY affordable.

Anyway, here's some photos:

We don't go anywhere without Aaron's balance bike, so yes, it comes on the bus with us too, but it is way way easier than a buggy, is VERY light and it means he's fast, apart from when he stops to look and comment on EVERYTHING.  Still better than toddler walking though.  Funny enough, we bought it in Kiddicare, which I have previously written about.

As you can see from the blue sky above, Monday was a scorcher of a day, despite it being 30th September, and today, Sunday 6th October we went to Church and it felt REALLY warm.  Aaron and I just had tee shirts on, both on the way to and from church today - I actually wished I'd put him in shorts it was so nice but I hadn't at all expected that.  I want to remember this when I look back at these posts in years to come.  Is it only me who thinks Autumn and Spring have swapped, because we didn't get a Spring if you remember.  My heating normally goes off in March and this year it was JUNE. Yes I know we then got a truly AMAZING July and August. Don't I know; I have a tan AND a paddling pool to prove it.

Anyhow, he grabbed that Gruffalo you see above, out of a buggy and hugged it the whole time we were in the store, but when we went to pay (it didn't have a price tag) I discovered it's £17, so sadly I left it behind, and Aaron bless him was understanding.  He actually let me spend £45 on clothes and boy did I get a lot for that.  THE ONLY toy that he insisted on getting was a Buzzing Brains £2.99 car (or a "Press 'n' Go Vehicle" to be precise).  I felt like I got off lightly.

I only had two disappointments in store.

1) We went to the cafe, after the till, and as I had £5 left on my Kiddicare voucher credit card thingy I tried to spend it there but they don't accept them.  I got over it rather quickly as I simply LOVE the Kiddicare cafe; we NEVER go in the store without making a visit.  Aaron gets a box which contains 3 snacks AND a Capri Sun PLUS a proper portion of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread for £3.50 and those snacks are proper, i.e. crisps, a Freddo, and a bag of grapes/apples.  I would expect the box OR the getti to be £3.50 but that is for BOTH.  I always get a jacket potato which comes with a DELICIOUS side salad.  The tea comes with a pot, which does you about THREE cups for £1.50 and the poker dot tea pot set is ADORABLE - don't know if you can see it properly above.  This was the first time Aaron actually sat down and coloured in the box as below:

2) The other thing I was disappointed about is I fell in love with the jacket you see above, but in RED.  As Kiddicare are good at pretty much everything, I asked if they had it in the stockroom in larger sizes and the answer was no.  Later I came up with the idea of trying on the green (photographed above) in 4/5 which is the size Aaron's now in despite being 3!!! It was skimpy, so we tried on the 5/6 which was perfect, so I went up to the Customer Care desk and asked if I could order the red in 5/6 to collect it another day.  Standard practice in so many retailers, and was all the way back in the 1990s when I worked, myself, in Next.  I was gutted to hear that they don't currently offer this service.  So I said, okay-righty then, I'll order it online, given the website says they are open 24/7 only to be told by the same girl that their clothing range is not on their website.  I was GUTTED.  So, it means I will be in and out of there for the next few weeks hoping that larger sizes of the red gets delivered .... Watch this space!!! It's a gorgeous jacket, lovely and warm, looks great on and is only £10 - yes you heard right!!!!!

None of the above will put us off though as we love the cafe, the play area in it, and the store in general.  I only wish we'd discovered Kiddicare when Aaron was way way younger, as they cater for 0-5 and he's already 3 and a very very big 3!!!!!

I guess I need to have another baby eh?

Anyway bye for now, Liska xxx

P.S. if you have a Kiddicare in your area go to it!

P.P.S. this is NOT a sponsored post, but as CLEARLY stated above I was given £50 to spend instore, purely by way of thanks, for my attending a focus group.

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