Saturday 5 October 2013

Said It Saturday

Well it's been a busy week.  We were at the zoo all day yesterday and the Circus Thursday night.

Time for Said It Saturday now:

The other day we were on our way to the shops.  I got a flashback to the last time we were there and I remembered Aaron throwing toilet rolls around in "Savers".  On the way to the shops I said to him, you won't do that again will you.  He thought about it and said
"maybe" (not giving any commitment there eh)!!!!

On that SAME walk to the shops, he tried to say hello to a teenager who had a bob of long curly hair that he hunches and hides behind.  Aaron being small, could walk in front of him, and look up at him, inside the hair.

He said "hello" and was ignored.
He said "why are you hiding behind your hair?" and was ignored.
And then "why is he touching his face?". 
The guy could not walk off fast enough, and he was so hidden in his own personal space he didn't look round at me or Aaron.  I am trying to find the name for him. Is it nemo? I am going to look it up. Wait there! Ohhhh I have clearly been reading too many of Aaron's fishy tailed books, they are actually called EMOs.
While we were out we went to a cafe, and a few times Aaron got out of his chair.  At one point I asked him... rather... demanded that he get back in his seat.

I said "If you don't stay in your chair they will ask you to leave"
"I not gonna leave, I can't open the door [it is stiff] so I gonna stay here"
My son is VERY literal! LOL.

Thursday night when we were parking in the Circus car park, he said:
"This is where incredible hulk lives?"
Errrr no!
"There's gonna be loud music?"
Err I don't know!

He ABSOLUTELY loved the Circus, and the next day was playing with his lit up sword thingy (like something from Star Wars) and said of his "wand" as I call it:
"I went to the Circus and I buyed it to a man... a very good clown" after saying this he did a little dance :-)
When I collected him from nursery the other day, we were crossing the field and he said:
"Mummy I missed you today"
"Did you darling, why?" No answer. "Do you like spending time with Mummy?"
"Because, when I love you"
Said with such big beautiful eyes I wanted the world to end at THAT moment and let that be the high of my life, right. there. and. then.


He's actually said a lot more this week, some great corkers, but I did not write them all down ...


The Boots Christmas shop is now open <


  1. Awww...I love it when they tell you that they love you and really mean it :) What a sweet boy x

  2. I love when they don't commit to behaving themselves :D

  3. The literalness is brilliant - I love how children think like that! Infuriating at the time I'm sure haha - clever little thing!

  4. Love him! His curiously is amazing x

  5. Oh sweet! I must link into this next week :-)

  6. I think the real 'said it Saturday' is your quote 'are they nemos. Oh no, Emos - whoops!


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