Sunday 13 October 2013

When Ordinary is Redefined by a Threenager

It's week 9 of the {Ordinary Moments} over at Mummy Daddy Me.

It was hard deciding what to include this week, but here I go.


So it is ORDINARY at the moment for Aaron to go over, or under things.  Anything but what you should do. What he himself used to do.  Sitting in or on a ride, he did at 2 years of age.  But at 3 years of age he does anything but.


I'll show you what I mean:

So the other day we went to Kiddicare for the afternoon, and we had dinner there.  On the way home we popped into Morrisons as I needed a few bits.  While I was paying, Aaron went into one of those trolley park lockers.  Yow know the ones where you put your shopping while you go to the instore cafe (which you can see just behind).  Can you see his feet above? Far left?  I would have thought he'd get claustrophobic but no! Not my Aaron.

A close up of said feet:

He was in there for ages, playing with the chain in there.  He didn't come out till he was good and ready!

Then yesterday we spent the day in Ikea.  He DID I promise you, eat, and he DID I promise you play (for two hours) in the domed play area, with other children, in the restaurant.  But when he wasn't doing all of that, he was doing this:

(I'll give you a few seconds to work it out!)

I actually need to write a whole post about our day in Ikea because we did so so much there.

At a recent trip to the Zoo (Paradise Wildlife Park, our favourite) he insisted on climbing ON the rides instead of IN them (above).

Where once, even as recently as February this year, he would have sat IN it!

So, all of this, is becoming increasingly ordinary for us, as my threenager gets more and more intrepid. God help me!

Liska xx


  1. Brilliant - nothing like a three year old for showing you a different perspective on the world!

  2. That is amazing. I am so hiding in a trolley thing! x

  3. Bless him, they are just so funny aren't they? Mads climbs on everything at the moment, including me, she can't sit still! x


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