Tuesday 5 November 2013

Listograpgy - Top 5 Life Lessons


Writing this blog post reminds me of the famous Sunscreen "song" - you know it right?!?!?! I have heard it a lot over the years as my husband knows it OFF BY HEART!!!

Anyway, Kate Takes 5 is back with Listography - I used to participate a lot so I am glad!

Her post: Listography - Top 5 Life Lessons put tears in my eyes in a couple of places.  It's worth a read.

So here's my attempt (written on my phone in a cafe yesterday, while Aaron slept on my knee).
  1. Notice when your spirit soars!
  2. Breathe and know your triggers.
  3. Being clever isn't everything but knowing where your strengths lie is!!!!
  4. Rejuvenate before burnout not after.
  5. Trust your (a) gut (b) higher-self or (c) instinct.  It won't let you down and as a mother it is EVERYTHING!
These are all very topical for me at the moment. Maybe if I wrote this next, or last month, they would be different. But now, in the moment, the above, feel right!
  1. The first one is an issue for me, as I am a sack cloth and ashes type of Catholic girl, where I put my own needs below those of others.  I'll work hard for a boss or a friend, or a relative, and it'll take ages for me to realise where is "me" in all of this.  I can go ages without stopping and thinking "what makes me happy?" so sometimes when people ask me, I don't even know, which is odd as I am the sort of person who finds joy in most circumstances.  Probably my most frequent phrase is "that was amazing!"  I think the most successful adults are those who, no later than their teens or twenties NOTICE what makes their spirit soar, and ensure that that is their hobby or their life's work.  I have done Anthony Robins Unleash the Power Within course 2 or 3 times, and there is always a question on there like this.  He ever turns the lights down, and deep music on; even with going "within" I still can't quite work it out.  I know I was "happy" when I taught yoga.  I know I am "happy" when I am on days out with children.  I know my spirit does sometimes soar, but I can't quite place the triggers.  At the age of nearly 41, this seems to be something that escapes me.  I am sure life will improve once I "get it"! Whatever it is...
  2. By number two I mean, if you are pushing yourself too hard, either mentally or physically you often forget to breathe.  So, if this is happening, breathe down into your toes, all of your extremities.  Let your tummy swell so that you use your abdomen and don't just breathe into your upper chest.  It will oxygenate your body and also helps with your acid/alkaline equilibrium!  Knowing your triggers, for me, is knowing when/where you need space.  It's taken me decades to discover people HAVE to get out of the kitchen if I am cooking and out of the bedroom if I am packing luggage to go away.
  3. I have written this from many angles.  Firstly that my degree didn't get me any of my career successes - it was my strengths that did that.  Also, as an employer, and a HR Manager, it was always people's strengths that caused me to give them the opportunities that I did.  Focus on these and you will go far.  It also helps with confidence no end to KNOW what they ARE!
  4. I am the sort of person to push myself too far.  Get frazzled and then try and recoup.  I think life is about revitalising yourself BEFORE burnout.  Finding the moments to pray, or sit, or be at peace.  Drinking the smoothie or juice.  Walking in that green area or on that beach.  Sitting under that tree.  Taking the multi-vitamins or Chinese herbs. Whatever it is, that means you are at one with yourself, and at your very best.  For yourself and those around you.
  5. Number 5 is everything - it can even save your life!
Liska xxx


  1. Breathe and know your triggers. Love it! This is something i have to remember all the time especially when anxiety hits!

    PS: I love the look of the blog! Especially the pictures on top with you and Aaron!

  2. Yes, totes agree on everything. Note to self - must practise! xx

  3. Oh yes I could learn from this - It's crazy how I actually need to remind myself to breathe! Thank you for joining in - a very excellent list!

  4. Yours is very spiritual (totally different from mine) - you also need to listen to your own (very appropriate) advice sometimes.


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