Monday 11 November 2013

Poetry on the way back from #blogfest 2013

I still haven't finished my #blogfest post despite it being live, in beta format (it's the one before this one).

But I wanted to share with you the poetry I wrote on the way home on Saturday, from Kings Cross in London, UK:

The Lie!
Don't you think something's wrong
When the recession's going on too long?

As the towns start to gentrify
Can you see it's all been a lie?

Let's make the building costs go down
Whilst we build for "crown"

No worry 'bout loyalty
Tis about royalty

The man on the street is an ass
He's just working class

Let's divide and rule
For he's only a fool!

He works hard you see
No time to think and be!

What you say he'll swallow
No concern for tomorrow

Let's get bread on the table
However you're able

For some it's steak
For others it's chips they'll make

Energy prices they soar
So we're always wanting more

To eat or heat
Not a simple treat

The pubs they close
Nowhere to discuss our woes

No money for a computer
That way you're muter

Stay at home and suffer
Till it's all over

Then you'll see no democracy
The world rearranged for inequality

So wake up be enlightened
Don't be frightened

Empower each other
Don't be afraid of Big Brother

We're on the brink of new times
It's not a time for rhymes!

I am reaching out to you
To be MORE than the FEW

This is only a ditty
It might not be pretty

It was written in speed 
and not for greed

It's the inspired word
That I simply "heard"

In this brain of mine
Words out! Now fine!

© Original work - Written: by Liska 09/11/13 

I wrote this poem on the way home, 
as a result of seeing the new Kings Cross 
and the beginnings of a new Tottenham 
on the way home from #blogfest 2013

I was only able to afford to go to the 
 thanks to my Sponsor: 

The poem has a sing song melody, which I want you to hear, but Aaron won't let me record it - I will when he is asleep!

This video, (during the opening and closing slides)
for anyone who does not know/visit London, will show the regeneration (or gentrification) of Kings Cross that is happening:

I did love being IN the building though so I guess
that makes me a hypocrite
- happy to admit that :-(
I am going to try and read up on gentrification now.

I'll add some links to what I find:  

This will touch your soul:  
The cleansing of Hackney  
You have to read it (^) if only to get to this paragraph: But Tony had competition. A Kent-based millionaire property developer named Roger Wratten, who had recently snapped up the properties on either side of Tony’s place, had his eye on Francesca’s. An unidentified ‘someone’ informed him that Tony was trying to buy it, and from that point on, all Tony’s attempts to do so were thwarted – paperwork was lost, phone calls went unreturned. For three years, Tony struggled for the simple right to buy his own business. But in February 2003, it was sold, at auction, 
to Roger Wratten.

This you tube video about gentrification is interesting:  I have recorded me reading the poem but ideally would like a rapper to do it:

Adding it to here:

Prose for Thought


  1. You really MUST do something with your poetry - you're so good. xx

  2. Wow, what a voice - keep shouting girl!

    1. I take it you were at Blogfest? Yikes, yer I am a booby lady! ;-) xx

  3. Wow, this is awesome! Great poem and great performance :) Thank you so much for sharing with Prose for Thought :) x

    1. Thank you I am a big fan of Prose For Thought xx


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