Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Ordinary Moments - travelling on a bus with a 3 year old boy

With kids what is ordinary one week is extraordinary the next, or actually I should reverse that, it's the other way around.

I don't drive so we can often be found walking (miles and miles) - well Aaron's always on the balance bike.  When we're not walking we're on London's finest (public transport), often buses.

This is how ordinary has gone on buses chronologically
  1. In his buggy, either asleep or with me going to great lengths to give him drinks, food or entertainment so that he didn't disturb the other passengers.
  2. On my knee in a Moby Wrap usually looking out the window or talking to other passengers.
  3. Sitting next to me, but moving from seat to seat to seat, if the bus is empty enough to do so.
  4. Running around the bus, in between being made to sit down.
  5. Sitting in one place, but needing ryhmes, songs and stories to entertain.
  6. Sitting in one place, but wanting to watch my phone, or talk to other children on the bus.
  7. THE NEW *CURRENT* ordinary - finding unusual places to sit on the bus.  This is so ordinary he does it all the time #sigh
As you can see if you look closely, his bike and my jacket are there, so as to foil him, by filling the space, in the hope that he'd sit next to me, in the seats that face that luggage/shopping area.  Yes, he began there, but it was a matter of minutes and a couple of bus stops before the boots were off (Aaron's version of "the gloves are off") and in he hops.  Luckily these seats are at the front, so I did not see the disdainful looks of our fellow passengers.  Thank God, as in these situations it is the reactions, that are worse than the behaviour itself.  No doubt, there are some reactions like that from some of you dear readers, but I can't see you ha!

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Bye for now,
Liska xxx
& Aaron


  1. At least he is enjoying himself! It's funny when they develop a headstrong attitude to things like where they want to sit, it's like they are exerting their control in the only way they can! x

    1. Oh he pushes his luck with control all the time. Who said terrible twos it should so be threes. He is every bit the threenager. x

  2. I just love the expression on his face! Such a gorgeous cheeky smile :) #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. I always worry when I see kids doing that that they will fall off and hurt themselves if the bus pulls up sharp. The look is more of worry than disdain, honest! I know mum knows best, I know but it's so hard not to worry :)

    1. Don't worry I had my hand up EVERY time the bus made a sudden movement but I know what you mean xx

  4. Isn't it funny how they find strange places to 'hide', sit or climb? Mad is exactly the same. He has a very cheeky expression on his face! x

    1. Oh that's great & interesting to hear as I did not know that girls were like that too. xx

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