Friday 10 January 2014

Lunch Today at Child Friendly Giraffe Cafe Inspired this Poem

We had lunch today at Giraffe Cafe in Belsize Park.  I was so impressed I wrote this poem on my phone on the way home on the train.


The Lunch Bunch

You get to Giraffe in the midday sun
Place a yummy order with your Mum

Get a tad bored and your drink arrives
Time to show the Giraffe a few nose dives

When that gets stale the man fetches some drawing
Mummy joins in to ensure it's not boring.

A 3 year old boy soon needs more!
Mummy's worried we'll be shown the door!

The staff are not phazed
They've been here before

Used to handling children 
always wanting more!

A balloon's blown up in a matter of seconds
It contains helium so the high ceiling beckons.

Surely off to the roof it will go
But the man hops on a chair, not low.

In fact he's too small so a yank sees our plight
The balloon that we loved has taken flight.

He hops on the chair and the ceiling is nearer
The balloon's back in hand so I can see clearer.

No need to "see red" or have a feeling of dread
When you eat in Giraffe you're just very well fed.

No need to cry or have head in hand
Because Giraffe caters for kiddies like no-one else can!

Homeward bound, happy, full tummy
I'd love to go back soon with my Mummy....

.... please :-)

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  1. Great poetry - as always. I'm always eager to read them and you never disappoint - a true talent and am glad you had such a good lunch. I'm sure I'm not the only reader of yours who will miss Aaron too when he starts school! xx


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